House passes fix to ethanol mandate

HB 3177 Allows Service Stations to Sell Premium Gasoline Without Ethanol
By Oregon House Republicans Office,

SALEM””The House of Representatives today passed HB 3177 to amend Oregon’s ethanol mandate by allowing service stations to sell premium, higher-octane gasoline without ethanol. House Republican Leader Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg) and Rep. Tim Freeman (R-Roseburg) said HB 3177 offers a common sense fix for certain classes of engines that don’t operate well with ethanol-blended fuel.”HB 3177 does not repeal the ethanol mandate, it simply gives service stations the choice of selling unblended premium fuel,” said Rep. Freeman, a HB 3177 chief sponsor. “This bill is intended to help loggers, snowmobilers and fishermen who are allowed to use clear fuel but are having trouble accessing it because of the current law.”

Rep. Hanna said HB 3177 is needed because few service stations currently sell unblended fuel, making it difficult for Oregonians to purchase gas suitable for watercraft, ATVs and other special engines. He said ethanol is also a public safety issue because it is known to cause engine failure in aircraft and boats.

“HB 3177 will help expand the market for Oregonians who depend on unblended gasoline for their work and personal safety,” said Rep. Hanna, a HB 3177 chief sponsor. “As the development and production of biofuels continue to evolve and improve, HB 3177 gives the state’s renewable fuel standard an opportunity to work as it was originally intended.”

HB 3177 now moves to the Senate.