Kudos to the Oregonian — part 2

By the Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

The article from Lars Larson above complimented The Oregonian on their investigation on the college investment fiasco. Now, we have on the front page of the Sunday Oregonian an article about Legislative spending another good article. It captures the problem of runaway tax credits and addresses subjects that few people want to talk about such as wasting money on urban renewal when other more important budgets are being targeted and the issue of “other” funds which is growing quite healthy and politicians wished no one talked about. Other funds are pushing our budget over $50 Billion. Please read it.

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  • davidg

    Here are a couple of proposals for approaching the issue of budget cuts.

    Proposal #1. We all know the legislature wants constant salary increases but is afraid to vote for them. So they created an “independent commission” to set their salaries. Using the political cover of an independent commission’s recommendation to rely on, the legislature gets its regular salary increases. Ok, let’s do the same for budget cuts. During the Clinton administration, the federal government was able to close many unnecessary military bases based upon the recommendation of an independent commission created for that purpose. The Oregon legislature should do the same. Create an independent commission to rank the importance of all state spending. The bottom items on the list get eliminated until enough is saved to balance the budget.

    Proposal #2. Break the entire Oregon state budget down into its 500, or 1000, or even 5000 component parts (spending programs). (We may need an independent commission to identify what those parts are – but that’s ok.) Require each legislator to rank in order of importance to him/her all items on the list. Using a proportional representation system of counting, we could determine the most and least important categories of spending in the budget as determined by the legislators. The bottom items on the list get eliminated until enough is saved to balance the budget.

    We all know that legislators are deathly afraid to propose eliminating unnecessary and worthless programs. They fear the special interests supporting those programs. So, we need an independent commission or a program ranking device to allow the legislature to weed out the crud that has grown up in the budget over the years.

  • Bob Clark

    Tax credits for renewables should be eliminated before school days are cut. Renewables tend to be twice as expensive as conventional energy, and in the case solar projects, the cost is more like 5 to 10 times greater. Renewable jobs are much more expensive to maintain than just fostering a broader appeal to new businesses. Moreover, renewables are a type of false gold. We can build tens of thousands of new transmission lines connecting to wind mills, and the incremental amount of energy provided pales in comparison to drilling for more oil. The Alaskan National Wild life Refuge has some million barrels per day in production capability, or a 20% increase in domestic oil production. The U.S continues to ignore its productive resource potential. Until we get the will to drill, our economy will only limp along, providing less ability to provide income transfer to social programs. So, even the democrats continue to shoot themselves in the foot by restrictions on domestic drilling efforts.

  • Jerry

    All I know is that wind is the answer.

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