Representative Bruce Hanna: Expanding government

By House Republican Leader Bruce Hanna
Register-Guard Opinion Article, 5/10
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Oregon is one step behind Michigan as the nation’s leader in unemployment. Oregonians are losing jobs at a faster rate than at any time in the last 60 years. More than 256,000 Oregonians are desperately searching for work. Many Oregon companies are struggling to stay in business and make payroll, and their employees worry about joining the ranks of the unemployed. During this challenging time Oregonians are looking for leadership from state government. Measuring the 2009 session so far, Salem is failing to lead. Government is the only industry in Oregon seeing a growth in jobs. And based on the hundreds of millions in proposed increases in taxes, fees and government debt, it appears families and small businesses will sacrifice even more in a continued attempt to grow state government.

As many Salem politicians wring their hands over the budget, they fail to realize that the shortfall is the result of an economic recession that refuses to bottom out. Yes, government will see a few billion dollars less in tax revenue than expected “” but that’s because families and businesses have lost tens of billions in income and investments.

There has been strong bipartisan support for giving unemployed Oregonians and their families much-needed help through extended and expanded unemployment benefits and services. While important, expanding unemployment assistance doesn’t solve the root problem. We need to expand employment itself. And to do that, we need healthy businesses and a thriving economy “” neither of which will come from new government bureaucracies or massive tax increases.

Legislative Republicans have put forward several innovative ideas for creating tens of thousands of jobs. For example, House Bill 3095, the Main Street Incentive Plan, would encourage home and business owners to engage in capital improvement projects throughout the state, spurring local construction and contracting jobs. House Bill 3469 would give tax relief to low-income Oregonians and working families, letting them keep more of their own income. Nonpartisan analyses estimate that these two bills would create more than 36,000 jobs.

That’s 36,000 jobs created throughout Oregon as a result of the decisions made by private citizens and business owners, not by politicians focused on pet projects.

Unfortunately, these ideas were killed by Democratic leadership. Their solution was to borrow $175 million to fund projects largely benefitting state agencies, with a promise of 3,000 jobs by April. Since its passage on Feb. 5, the Democrats’ package has created only 107 jobs while over 36,000 more Oregonians became unemployed.

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    If the government borrows $175M and all there is to show for it so far is 107 jobs, Id say that’s a good thing. Would we really be better off had twice as many government jobs been created?

    A far better use of this money would have been to spend the entire $175M on a paid vacation for our legislators and get them out of town for a while. The safest time for the citizenry is when the legislature is not in session, or failing that, when it is preoccupied with an item of little import.

    It is now clear Salem seems intent on doing little but making matters more difficult economically. I for one view looking to them for anything helpful is a little like looking to a diarrheic cat to help with the house cleaning. Anything that can be done to keep them busy in the litter box that is Salem will mean less mess for the productive in society to clean up. Ponderous debate over renaming of streets after Caesar Chavez spring to mind as useful treadmills upon which to run this gaggle of the useless.

    When ideas like encouraging business to make capitol improvements are shot down, yet raising the minimum corporate tax is thought of as a good idea, it is clear Salem has no interest in doing anything but hurting business and productivity for the sake of class warfare. Would that we could simply elect them for life, so long as they promised to just sit there and do nothing, business would certainly prosper no less.

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  • Anon R

    so you say 36,000 Jobs? soooooo what. (doubting that many can now afford to fix up their homes anyhow).

    How about all 260,000 Jobs? Mostly Construction and Factory jobs, Family supporting incomes and therefore definite state income tax payers.

    How? Free, Fast and over 99% accurate E-Verify mandatory, Sal Esquival an R has the Bill and so does a D Mike Shaufler. (neither you or Ted F. have ever said a word on this)

    Illegal Aliens (not paying much needed taxes) would leave at their own expense and those jobs would be open to Americans again.

    Hello? Bruce do you give a crap? We don’t believe you so Prove it! ps. Pepsi is sponsoring the Public Nudity and disgusting Sex acts in front of Kids via the NY Gay Pride parade. Boycott Pepsi!

    • Rupert in Springfield

      Get a grip, Pepsi sponsoring Gay Pride in NYC does not create or lose jobs for you, nor does it lower your taxes.

      I used to live in NYC. In fact I grew up two blocks from Christopher Street, the end point for the parade. I was a kid there, saw the pride parade every year.

      You know what? You know what happened to me?

      Ill tell you what happened to me, I like Coke, not Pepsi.

      Oh my God, I am so scarred for life because I saw a bunch of guys in pants without butts kissing each other. Oh wow, gee wizzz, I’m sure the average kid is going to turn instantly gay if he sees a whole bridge and tunnel crowd dressed in too much leather drinking a freakin Pepsi.

      You want to know something? If you feel kids should not see that sort of thing and you wind up in that area and your little darlings see it – you are not qualified to be a parent.

      Frankly idiots showing up at a the most publicized gay pride parade in the entire world and getting offended if their kids see it are about as retarded as those two gay guys a few years back who got all whiny that its hard for gay couples to adopt in Missouri.

      You know, the Mormons have a state.

      The Jews have Israel,

      I think the single biggest group that is left out is idiots. We need an idiot homeland. Then we would have a place send all the idiots who take their kids to pride parades and get offended.

      I think we also need an offensive state. Id move there. I want a state where I can run around all day and express my offense at people who are easily offended.

      You know what else? I want to take all those kids who are going to freak out and be mortally affected by seeing a pride parade and pull em out of school.

      That’s right junior, no more school for you.

      Instead we are going to have a bunch of half nude men form a parade and hold up signs with math equations on them, historical facts and foreign language words. I mean lets face it, if large congregations of men who work out too much will make you gay, then surely the same sight combined with educational flash cards will smack some education into you right?

      Moral – If you think education is expensive, try a bunch of leather guys holding up flash cards.

      • Anonymous

        ” We need an idiot homeland. ”

        You’re living 5 miles from it.

      • Anonymous


        • Rupert in Springfield

          Oh wow, I had no idea pride parades had changed so much. Thank you for informing me.

          Look, the point is, I grew up around these things and the people who complained about them then are the same people who complain about them now. Idiots who for some weird reason seem unable to avoid a parade.

          A parade is by definition a loud noisy affair involving lots of people and generally blocking off streets. You are going to tell me you can just somehow stumble across that? I mean gay pride parades are not exactly subtle.

          Let me clue you in a little bit more. If you are in SF or NYC, and you are in the gay area, its not subtle even if there isn’t a parade. If there is a parade, you have to be going out of your way to march your kids into the gay section of town and then right into the parade.

          As for the current state of affairs of parades these days as compared to years ago, thank you for your input. Since I am either in one or associated with or sponsoring one at least once a year I will note your opinion. you know those guys at the front of the parade? People with names like Mr. Gay Leather San Francisco? I probably know about half of them.

          The day I start seeing pride parades costing people like Pepsi guy his job is the day I will be concerned. Until then, the way I see it, sex in the street has been happening for decades in a little two week long event in New Orleans known as Mardi Gras and Spring Break.

          A bunch of guys in butt less pants have a parade once a year in NYC or SF? That’s hardly a big deal. They have their privates out? Who cares. No one seemed to give a rip about women with their breasts out in New Orleans. Been going on way longer than pride parades. Its way more than a day long too. Same goes for spring break. That one kind of takes over the whole South for two weeks. Plenty of boobs there. Plenty of sex there.

          Oh, but sorry. A bunch of mostly gay men do it on just one day, maybe two and its a big deal.

          Hmm, funny, why is my sympathy level for those who are offended so low right now?

          Any parent that cant spot a giant parade of leather clad homosexuals waving giant rainbow flags at the same time they are blaring Pet Shop Boys out of a giant PA, is a complete idiot.

          Is society at such a low point where we cannot expect parents to know that avoiding a crowd of Disco Singing, Butt Less Leather Pants Wearing, Rainbow Flag Waving Fairies is expected of them if they are with children who will be offended?

          I’m offended by people who think its their business to to tell me my business when it has no effect on them other than to offend them.

          I’m offended that having a giant pride parade is not part of passing a driving test.

          If you cant avoid walking into a giant crowd of gay men with flags, I don’t think you should be able to drive a car. I mean if you cant walk and miss large obstacles like that, do I want you on the road near me when I am on my motorcycle?

          I sure don’t think so.

          If some parents can’t hack it then maybe they should do right by their kids and give them up for adoption to those super humans among us who seem to have the amazing ability to see a parade.

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