Cartoon: Secretary of State voids Declaration of Independence

Taxpayer Association of Oregon
What if the Declaration of Independence was done today?

This may seem like a joke but it is not. Thousands of legitimate signatures are trashed every petition drive due to “gotcha” regulations as listed on this toon. Now the politicians want to make it worse by inventing a host of new gotcha rules such as setting 30-day expiration dates for citizen signatures gathered through staff petition gatherers. If you fail to give the Secretary of State a signature sheet in 30-days then your signature is void. This is strange coming from the exact same people who recently passed a law forbidding business gift cards to have an expiration date. A $5 gift card is legally protected by the State of Oregon, but a voter signature is not. We hope that Kate Brown will not push to destroy people’s access to the initiative petition process and instead becomes one who protects it. SEE FULL CARTOON BELOW:

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