Radio Ad blasts Congressman Kurt Shrader $800,000 airport to no one.

A new radio ad has hit the airwaves that exposes wasteful spending in the $787 billion stimulus bill. Listen to the ad here. Read it below:

RADIO AD: “What would you call an airport without airplanes? If you’re the Democrats in Washington, you’d call it a good place to waste money. That’s right. Kurt Schrader’s voted for Nancy Pelosi’s wasteful $787 billion dollar spending plan. Kurt Schrader’s been voting with Pelosi 94% of the time. It’s unbridled power with no accountability. ABC News says $800,000 of Kurt Schrader’s wasteful spending went to re-pave a runway at a Pennsylvania airport that only has three flights a day.It’s the Airport for no one. The airport averages just 20 passengers a day”¦but one of those customers happens to be a powerful Democratic congressman, (John Murtha.) Coincidence? You decide.”

“Call Kurt Schrader at 202-225-3121. Tell him to stop wasting our money.The National Republican Congressional Committee paid for, and is responsible for the content of, this advertising. “