Lars Larson on Free Soda

Do you think government agencies, like prisons, should be serving soda pop to the prisoners?

I know it sounds crazy. Prisons in Oregon are serving $700,000 worth of soda pop to the prisoners.

I don’t think it makes any sense, but when we found out about this we started inquiring around. The Salem Statesman Journal reports they are trying to wean prisoners off having soda pop with their meals. Wean? They ought to do what every parent out there does. “No, you can’t have Coca Cola with your dinner, Johnny!”

In the case of prison inmates, they shouldn’t have any say in what they get. You get water. You get milk. You get coffee. You certainly don’t get $700,000 worth of soda pop, paid for by the taxpayers of Oregon.

That’s absolute craziness and the fact that it’s going on at all shows just how bad the leadership in Oregon is right now. And I mean Kulongoski.

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