Lars Larson on Free Soda

Do you think government agencies, like prisons, should be serving soda pop to the prisoners?

I know it sounds crazy. Prisons in Oregon are serving $700,000 worth of soda pop to the prisoners.

I don’t think it makes any sense, but when we found out about this we started inquiring around. The Salem Statesman Journal reports they are trying to wean prisoners off having soda pop with their meals. Wean? They ought to do what every parent out there does. “No, you can’t have Coca Cola with your dinner, Johnny!”

In the case of prison inmates, they shouldn’t have any say in what they get. You get water. You get milk. You get coffee. You certainly don’t get $700,000 worth of soda pop, paid for by the taxpayers of Oregon.

That’s absolute craziness and the fact that it’s going on at all shows just how bad the leadership in Oregon is right now. And I mean Kulongoski.

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  • Provo

    If you served them milk would that not be more expensive?

  • wnd

    Free soda pop is wrong. Period! Moreover, if the beverage containers are within the parameters of under Oregon’s bottle bill, who or what drains that source of cash return?

  • Provo

    My point is that soda is cheap. Why argue?

    • SodaPOP

      Soda is not inexpensive.

      Tap water is cheaper. Why argue?

      • Kevin Overton

        I work hard and I can’t afford soda. I drink a lot of water. It would only make since to let the prison inmates drink water its free and healthy. This is more government run amuck.

        Where is Joe Pile the Arizona sheriff. He wouldn’t stand for this non since.

  • contrarian

    Lars is this desperate to find something to get worked up over? How about we legalize drugs, tax it to pay for the few remaining prisoners soft drinks, and spend the rest on schools?

    • wnd

      Picking on Lars is silly. Beating on Kulongoski and the Dem snits running Oregon is right on!

  • John

    I have a solution. Stay out of jail, be a productive citizen and pay for your own soda.

  • GovernorNesbitt

    Let them eat cake!

  • Jessie

    Why would they get coffee? That makes no more sense than the sody pop.

  • devietro

    I am as against waste as anybody else but there might be a bigger issue here.

    Ask any corrections officer what the most common thing that leads to an assault on an officer and one of the top things they will tell you is some inmate had an issue with their food, too hot too cold, the guy next door got more french fries than me or whatever. And well fed full prisoners are in general more happy prisoners.

    I don’t care about happy prisoners, I do care that happy prisoners assault staff less.

    I would be willing to bet that if you take away the soda you see an increase of these types of assaults. And being that workmans comp is not cheap even a few assaults on staff that trigger a CO missing work and his shift having to be covered by overtime you get to 700k pretty quickly.

    Also 700k is pretty much nothing in overall corrections budget state wide.

    • wynams

      I do not envy corrections employees, but with the state’s current deficit situation gotta make cuts where they are warranted. Also, you are lucky to at least be employed.

      Give ’em tap water gets my vote.

  • wnd

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio might see devietro’s ante as $um-what pinko. >:-(

    • anonymous

      Devietro is right. It’s penny wise and pound foolish to think you are going to deprive prisoners of other than bread and water and not cause much greater expense down the road.

  • Joe

    They must be fed well and often. They deserve humane, living meals.
    End of discussion.

    • wnd

      I say bull to you JOEseph Goebels!

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Look, they are in prison, you have to feed them. Sorry, some might want to have some sort of prison system where people get thrown in a hole with no food water or even light.

    Thats just simply not the way things work. If you are in prison, you are there to segregate you from society and to rehabilitate you. You are not in there to be tortured. Removal of food and drink amounts to torture and slow death.

    Bottom line, give them basic meals with water. If they dont like that, provide some sort of work around there to earn money to buy soda.

    Working hands make for happy minds and I have a feeling it would be hard for the CO’s at first, but reap benifits down the road.

    Oh, and all the union guys getting paid $40 an hour to sweep the floors, pain the halls or change a light fixture? Thanks but no thanks, we have a bunch of killers standing in line for your job so they can buy soda. Bye Bye union thug, bye bye.

  • Anonymous

    “Bye Bye union thug, bye bye.”

    And bye bye union thug votes… good luck getting that by the socialist state voters.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      I was unaware that the inner workings of a prison were done by voter eferendum. My bad.

      Can you tell me how they managed to sneak by the soda pop measure? Was this voted on before I moved to the state 20 years ago or did I miss it?

      • Rupert in Springfield

        eferendum = referendum

  • jd

    i find this amusing. how many of you have been in prison recently, or talk regularly with someone who is? it seems not many people have a clue what is really going on in the prisons. as far as the soda, it is a privilege earned by good behavior. and after they have earned that privilege they still have to pay for the soda, with either the money sent to them by family or the money they earn working. and the price they pay for that soda is more than it is worth. seems to me the DOC is being reimbursed for the expense and making a bit of profit from it too.

    • UB

      Upon conviction, incarceration should be a no frills term of punishment and ATONEMENT.

      Rehab? Ask a corrections officer for a dollars-and-sense ‘candid’ answer attending the ‘returns.’

      Now hear Ye and please pay attention: Sheriff Joe Arpaio is NOT a stereotype ‘Captain’ from “Cool Hand Luke” – just a widely respected. admired – and, ‘resourceful’ administrator in a lawful society that accords him 75-85% approval numbers.“`

      As for free soda pop, ha! YES WE CAN – HOPE prisoners might change their ways giving the law abiding something to take relief in – but don’t hold your breath while cons suck-up bottled liberal nonsense while still paying for their crimes!


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