Representative Matt Wingard: Energy Tax Credit

Wingard Report,
State Representative Matt Wingard

1) The political reporter from The Oregonian found my recent vote on Oregon’s Energy Tax Credit interesting.

I voted YES because the bill reduced the taxpayer subsidy to wind farms being built in Eastern Oregon (but they’re shipping their power to California under contract). I don’t see why Oregon taxpayers should be supporting that policy.

2) Apparently, my belief that charter schools and school choice should be defended, my support for schools that succeed with kids, and my willingness to point out that failing schools are not shut down– has some liberals beside themselves.

I even get profiled in collectivist blogs.

… as the adage says, “If you aren’t making Liberals sputteringly angry, you aren’t trying hard enough.”
… the author of this site is an avid and reactionary teacher union supporter. I am happy to annoy him and pleased that he is helping to promote my causes.

3) I spoke out against wasteful mass transit spending recently. Interestingly, it’s been “the sound of crickets” in response.

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