Representative Matt Wingard: Energy Tax Credit

Wingard Report,
State Representative Matt Wingard

1) The political reporter from The Oregonian found my recent vote on Oregon’s Energy Tax Credit interesting.

I voted YES because the bill reduced the taxpayer subsidy to wind farms being built in Eastern Oregon (but they’re shipping their power to California under contract). I don’t see why Oregon taxpayers should be supporting that policy.

2) Apparently, my belief that charter schools and school choice should be defended, my support for schools that succeed with kids, and my willingness to point out that failing schools are not shut down– has some liberals beside themselves.

I even get profiled in collectivist blogs.

… as the adage says, “If you aren’t making Liberals sputteringly angry, you aren’t trying hard enough.”
… the author of this site is an avid and reactionary teacher union supporter. I am happy to annoy him and pleased that he is helping to promote my causes.

3) I spoke out against wasteful mass transit spending recently. Interestingly, it’s been “the sound of crickets” in response.

Here are some recent speeches I’ve given on the House Floor:
On Property Rights: R.I.P Dorothy English
In defense of rural Oregon
In praise of a public charter school that succeeds
On voter registration fraud
In support of police and firefighters killed in the line of duty

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  • Sagano

    California needs a lot of other things as well right now.

  • devietro

    Matt is one of the good guys, so even when I saw he voted for the credit I knew there was more to the story. Now I do.

  • Jerry

    I wish he had the power to save the charter schools. Unfortunately, he doesn’t.
    The libs are in charge here full tilt.
    Anything that scares the unions will be shut down.

  • eagle eye

    Wind power a wasteful boondoggle wherever it goes.

  • Bob Clark

    I could care less about where the power ends up being consumed. What’s more aggravating is how a state government subsidizes high cost renewable projects while at the same time cutting funding for education. This just doesn’t make any sense, and shows how messed up our current governance.

    What’s just as aggravating is renewables can not possibly free the U.S economy from the energy vice it is in for several decades or more. It’s so obvious we must also liberalize drilling for oil and natural gas. Drill or go nowhere economically.

    • contrarian

      All but 1 Democrat voted to reduce the tax break for wind power. Nearly all Republicans, Matt being one exception, voted against reducing the tax break. So apparently it is the Republican Party that now supports retaining current tax breaks for wind power. Odd turn of events eh?

      Its true that renwable energy can’t free the US from our energy vice for several decades. But in order for that to occur within several decades, we have to get moving. Its not like you can just turn on a switch 2 decades from now. These are long term investments. And the main benficiaries will be the kids currently in school.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        >These are long term investments.

        In what? Making a windmill turn? I sure remember the Popular Science articles on windmills when I was in high school. I’m 47. Its already been decades, still doesn’t work. Maybe if we all click our heels three times? I don’t know, I mean at some point maybe relying on magic makes sense?

        >And the main benficiaries will be the kids currently in school.

        You think some kid paying a 90% tax rate as an adult is going to look out the window and be happy that whatever his ration of power is from central planning in Beijing comes from a windmill?

        You’re a crazy man.

        Frankly the Democrats have condemned our children to massive tax rates and little else. If you think twenty years down the road anyone is going to look back at the current generation as investors, you are crazy. They will look back at us and the previous generation with anger and rightly so. The greed of my and my parents generation is of a nature unparalleled in history. People working to pay off the debt of the deads lavishness do not tend to remember them with any fondness whatsoever.

        • contrarian

          Investments in deploying existing technology. Wind energy developers sign long term contracts with power companies, and the capital investment is substantial. It thus takes time to manufacture, transport, and erect new wind turbines and hook them up to the grid. If you wanted some amount of non-polluting energy 20 years from now, you have to build up the system gradually.

          I don’t know what you read about 20 years ago. But if you think a modern wind turbine bears much resemblence to what you read about then, you have not been keeping up.

          I doubt kids today will be paying a 90% tax rate down the road, and if they are it won’t have squat to do with today’s tax breaks for wind turbines.

          The current generation of 20 somethings voted Obama and Democratic by a huge proportion, so if they don’t like these investments, they have a funny way of showing it.

          Your grandparent’s generation ran up the largest debt in history to defeat Hitler and Tojo. It was paid off by your parents increased productivity and 90% top marginal income tax rates. Your kids will pay off your debts if we equip them with the right level of education and leave them a good energy infrastructure.

  • Sagano

    absolute Wind power corrupts absolutely.

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