Lars Larson on the Governor playing with unemployment numbers.

Governor Kulongoski says he has some jobs for Oregonians.

Just imagine, 12,000 jobs the Governor is offering and what do those jobs involve doing? Cutting brush. They pay between minimum wage, about $8.50/hour, all the way up to about $10/hour and they’ll last all summer.

I think the primary purpose of this is for Kulongoski to take a whole bunch of people off the unemployment rolls. That will allow the Governor to improve his unemployment statistics without really improving them much at all.

When those people go back on unemployment they’ll be renewed for another 79 weeks, or whatever it is now for the maximum you can collect. And this is a “jobs program”?

We learned this week that after six years of asking the Governor might actually come onto my radio program. I’ll treat him respectfully, but I won’t hold back on the hard questions. He needs to answer why he hasn’t done more for Oregon.

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