Representative Kevin Cameron: Re-Entry Bills Help Criminals

Representative Kevin Cameron working hard with state officials, community leaders to keep our neighborhoods safe and successful.
By Rebecca Tweed
Taxpayer Association of Oregon Lawmaker Series

Oregon State Representative Kevin Cameron has introduced a series of re-entry bills that will take affect in Multnomah County, Marion County, Lane County, Jackson County, and Eastern Oregon. For one specific bill Representative Kevin Cameron has sponsored, the Department of Corrections will develop a grant program that will provide funding for a resource center in each county, providing assistance to individuals released from a correctional facility and are on parole or post-prison supervision. The assistance comes in the form of counseling, job training, transportation and many other basic needs.

This bill has an even larger meaning for Representative Kevin Cameron and the citizens in his district, House District 19″”Marion County alone has three correctional facilities.

“The goal is to help them re-enter the real world, get them back on their feet, get them healthy, get them a job and hopefully away from the cycle of crime,” says Representative Kevin Cameron.

Representative Kevin Cameron doesn’t believe he’ll face much of a challenge getting this bill passed and rallying community support once it’s implemented.

“I have three jails in my district. I think those who are repentant and choose to become productive citizens need help removing barriers that would hinder them from success. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved,” says Representative Kevin Cameron.

As a state, Oregon ranks 22nd in the country for highest crime rates per capita. The most recent numbers from the National Institute for Corrections shows that in 2007 for every 100,000 citizens, Oregon incarcerated 369 individuals which is 17% lower than the national rate. We put 1,504 on probation which is 19% lower than the national average, and we paroled 799 citizens which is 59% higher than the national average.

“There are plenty of anti-crime and pro-public safety groups like Crime Victims United and the Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance, and many others, that are working hard to make sure we’re doing right by all members of our community. This bill and others like it are just part of the support-building community we have in Oregon,” says Representative Kevin Cameron. “We have to work together to make Oregon safe for every citizen.”

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