Lars Larson on “Cap and Tax”

Late last week we finally got a look into some of the details of that crazy “Cap and Trade” scheme (I like to call a “Cap and Tax” scheme) that the U. S. Congress is considering.

First of all, it’s almost a thousand pages long. Do they have speed readers looking at that thing so that Congress actually knows what’s in it?

One part in particular seems to be especially telling to me. The President is trying to sell this crazy scheme and says it will create new jobs. If that’s true, why is it that on one of the pages of that 900 page bill, they are actually providing for three years of unemployment payments and a lot of other payments to all the people who are going to lose their jobs.
If it’s really going to create all this new economic activity you’d think you wouldn’t have to provide (no joke here) 156 weeks of unemployment payment for the people who are going to lose their jobs.

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