Session could end with no new taxes


 HB 3317 A: Gives the unelected power to raise phone taxesEnd Session with No New Taxes
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The 2013 Legislature may end up without a terrible tax increase — and lawmakers should keep pressing for this as we are so close to the end. The $260 million business tax failed miserably helping to discourage the next idea. The rational for a tax increase has been absent in light of the fact that the state is getting $1.7 billion in projected new revenue (taxpayers are already doing their part). Furthermore, the $14 billion government pension PERS crisis is now obvious to everyone and savings are within reach, not just avoid painful taxes but to keep our public pension system from exploding every Session.

This week Governor Kitzhaber has added to the mix by calling for more PERS reform and only $200 million in new revenue. Finding $200 million in savings and cutting government waste is attainable without the need for divisive and economy threatening higher taxes. Message to lawmakers: There is no need for higher taxes on families or small business — end this Session like other state legislatures do by living with the ($1.7 billion) increased revenue taxpayers have delivered. No new taxes.