Representative Matt Wingard video: Exposing Tri-Met flaws

This is one of the best floor speeches in a long time. State Representative Matt Wingard goes through how the new payroll tax increase is wasted on tri-met which has a long record of failures and comparative shortcomings when compared to other transit districts nationwide.

Rep. Matt Wingard on TriMet and Payroll Taxes from Oregon House Republicans on Vimeo.

Text Below From State Representative Matt Wingard,

On May 27, the House of Representatives debated Senate Bill 34 to give TriMet the authority to increase payroll taxes. Rep. Matt Wingard (R-Wilsonville) rose to oppose the bill, arguing that the agency raised taxes four years ago and has received a vast increase in funds, yet service has actually been reduced.

In this clip, Rep. Wingard argues that TriMet’s employee benefits structure is unsustainable, and that TriMet’s expensive commitment to rail transit has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars. For more details, click here.

Before raising taxes on working Oregonians in the Metro area, Rep. Wingard argues that TriMet should end the free rides for downtown Portland passengers, and negotiate the next union contract to reduce health care costs for current and retired employees. It’s also time to hold TriMet accountable for projects, such as the Westside Express Service, that have cost billions of dollars without reducing Portland-area congestion.

SB 34 passed the House on a 32 to 28 vote.

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  • al m

    Well most of what the speaker says has some factual content that cannot be argued with.

    However, the issue of Trimet employees getting the best health coverage in the country?

    Let’s start with you PUBLICLY FUNDED HEALTH PLAN Mr Wingard? How does yours compare with Trimet’s?

    Now the fact that health insurance is so expensive is hardly TRIMET’S FAULT!

    You should be looking at our countries failed health insurance model as the culprit, not Trimet.

    Trimet provides decent health coverage for its employees, as should all employers.

    Alas, this is America, and the government won’t help ordinary citizens with this. All the other western democracies have single payer, but not the GOOD OLD US of A, no sir, we have to have a middleman!

    Now that’s sick! A culture that actually allows profit on peoples sickness.

    So stop trying to blame TRIMET FOR SOARING HEALTH COSTS.

    That issue is a red herring!

  • anonymous

    If the issue is America’s lack of a single payer system (and NOT Trimet’s mismanagement), then why does TriMet pay more for health care than any other public transit district in the country?

    And Republicans just tried to pass a bill that would have required Legislators to pay part of their health benefits.,-lawmakers-should-pay-fair-share.html

    Rep. Wingard voted for that.

    TriMet could covert all of its employees over to Health Savings Accounts, fully funded by TriMet and save a ton of money. The employees would benefit greatly too.

    • al m

      I personally have no objection to paying my fair share of any expense!
      However, SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE FOR ALL AMERICANS is the only way to take care of this national disgrace properly.

      Why does trimet pay more than others?

      I don’t know the answer, but the insurance we receive is basically just procedures and medications, with co-pays.

      Nothing special, should be the right of all American citizens to have this.

      We spend trillions on wars but let our own citizens die.

      Great system we have!

  • Pacific Patriot

    Almost two years later, this remains one of my all time favorite speeches on the floor of the House.

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