Representative Matt Wingard video: Exposing Tri-Met flaws

This is one of the best floor speeches in a long time. State Representative Matt Wingard goes through how the new payroll tax increase is wasted on tri-met which has a long record of failures and comparative shortcomings when compared to other transit districts nationwide.

Rep. Matt Wingard on TriMet and Payroll Taxes from Oregon House Republicans on Vimeo.

Text Below From State Representative Matt Wingard,

On May 27, the House of Representatives debated Senate Bill 34 to give TriMet the authority to increase payroll taxes. Rep. Matt Wingard (R-Wilsonville) rose to oppose the bill, arguing that the agency raised taxes four years ago and has received a vast increase in funds, yet service has actually been reduced.

In this clip, Rep. Wingard argues that TriMet’s employee benefits structure is unsustainable, and that TriMet’s expensive commitment to rail transit has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars. For more details, click here.

Before raising taxes on working Oregonians in the Metro area, Rep. Wingard argues that TriMet should end the free rides for downtown Portland passengers, and negotiate the next union contract to reduce health care costs for current and retired employees. It’s also time to hold TriMet accountable for projects, such as the Westside Express Service, that have cost billions of dollars without reducing Portland-area congestion.

SB 34 passed the House on a 32 to 28 vote.