Taxpayer Association: Senate hikes gas tax

Taxpayer Association of Oregon: Tax Alert

Today the Senate approved Hb 2001 the 6-cent gas tax (vehicle registration fee ($32 to $54), vehicle title fee ($55 to $77), license plates from $5 to $20 and more)

VOTED YES…to massive gas tax hike, yes to hurting jobs and hurting middle class:Alan C Bates-D,Suzanne Bonamici-D, Ginny Burdick-D, Margaret Carter-D, Peter Courtney-D, Richard Devlin-D, Jackie Dingfelder-D, Larry George-R, Mark Hass-D , Betsy Johnson-D,Rick Metsger-D, Laurie Monnes Anderson-D, Rod Monroe-D, Bill Morrisette-D, Frank Morse-R, David Nelson-R, Floyd Prozanski-D, Diane Rosenbaum-D, Martha Schrader-D, Bruce Starr-R, Chris Telfer-R, Joanne Verger-D, Vicki L Walker-D , Jackie Winters-R

Voted NO. Stood up for taxpayer families in this histroic recession Jason Atkinson-R, Brian Boquist-R, Ted Ferrioli-R, Fred Girod-R, Jeff Kruse-R, Doug Whitsett-R