Taxpayer Association: Senate hikes gas tax

Taxpayer Association of Oregon: Tax Alert

Today the Senate approved Hb 2001 the 6-cent gas tax (vehicle registration fee ($32 to $54), vehicle title fee ($55 to $77), license plates from $5 to $20 and more)

VOTED YES…to massive gas tax hike, yes to hurting jobs and hurting middle class:Alan C Bates-D,Suzanne Bonamici-D, Ginny Burdick-D, Margaret Carter-D, Peter Courtney-D, Richard Devlin-D, Jackie Dingfelder-D, Larry George-R, Mark Hass-D , Betsy Johnson-D,Rick Metsger-D, Laurie Monnes Anderson-D, Rod Monroe-D, Bill Morrisette-D, Frank Morse-R, David Nelson-R, Floyd Prozanski-D, Diane Rosenbaum-D, Martha Schrader-D, Bruce Starr-R, Chris Telfer-R, Joanne Verger-D, Vicki L Walker-D , Jackie Winters-R

Voted NO. Stood up for taxpayer families in this histroic recession Jason Atkinson-R, Brian Boquist-R, Ted Ferrioli-R, Fred Girod-R, Jeff Kruse-R, Doug Whitsett-R

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  • Reper

    Am I wrong but the percentage of No votes seems to be shrinking from chamber. This is a bad day for Republicans.

  • provo

    Was anyone expecting anything else?

  • Jerry

    The republicans are so hapless and out of touch they are irrelevant.

    • Ken Willmon

      I agree! We have all come to expect out of control spending and more tax increases from the Dems, but those Repubs who voted yes on HB 2001 should be ousted! You folks in congress who profess to be Republicans should grow some gonads and start acting like Republicans! Somehow, we need to get our country back!! I hope you folks reading this will go out and vote accordingly in 2010 and 2012 to derail all of this socialism mess we’re in!!

  • anonymous

    *Bruce Starr* voted to raise taxes. Hmmmm

    This time he could not conceal his *RINO* skin by hiding behind his fathers vote (2003) and talking Mary Gallegos into being the deciding vote on passing the largest tax increase in Oregon history.

    Brucie, you are a bum and I’ve always known it.

  • Joe Bob

    A couple of points: 1) Why don’t we look at the DINO’s (Democrats in Name Officially) too.
    2) Look to field candidates in the primary elections against RINO’s or risk yourself becoming a laughing HYENA (Hypocritical Yapper Easychairing, Not Acting) based destructive political participant.

    The pre-Bolshevik instigators in 1913 would be proud of today’s RINO name-callers. They serve evil well by spouting the Right’s equivalent of the left’s vitriole.

    But those who like to charge “RINO” rarely field or support an alternative in the Republican primary, where they can put their money where their mouth is. They usually just quit the party and become bitter humans that most of them have become.

    So, here’s to you HYENA’s of the state who won’t lift a finger to help the situation.

    • Jim Ray

      Joe Bob you don’t understand politics in this state. Your “HYENA’s” have worked very hard in the past to promote “alternative”s, only to be deceived. The mention of Bruce Starr above is one and OH YEAH, What the hell was Larry George thinking by voting for this tax?

      If Larry George thinks he’s going any further in Republican state politics he’s got a Helluva lot ‘splaining to do about this vote. Disgusting Larry!!!!!!!!!!!

      You see Joe Bob, it isn’t “name calling” when the name fits! You just have no clue sir.

  • Joe Bob

    Your rhetoric gives me a clue that you may be one of the do-nothing-a’bout-its (DNAI, if you will).

    Clever DNAIs won’t go down to make an app,ointment and speak your mind with Larry George or find a candidate and support them in your own backyard in the primary election cycle.

    There were no R’s fielded in a dozen or more legislative races in 2008. You could have found an 80% er that would have opposed gas taxes to face a DINO. But OOPS, oh yeah, you need a 101%er that will agree with your world view every time and who will, of course, be totally sin free.

    As a matter of fact RINO criticizers act so much like DINO supporters its one of the great ironies of politics and mysteries of life itself. They use free speech to blow hard against RINO’s with bitter hatred, then give their DINO friends a pass!

    They sit up on high on the alter at the right hand of father Marx, helping to destroy an 80%er (in Larry George’s case, a 95%er) to teach ’em a lesson and help replace the position with another more Marx-friendly 0%’er.

    Your typical RINO-labellin, criticizer-blabberer is a sideliner who uses pent up hostility in such a useless way that the ony use I can think of for it is to prevent a beating for their dog for one evening.

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