Taxpayer Association: Capitol update on a dozen taxes

TAO Legislative Update 05-31-09
By Jim Welsh

Legislation Previously Passed

HB 2001 — Gas tax auto fee increase: Governors Jobs and Transportation Package passed both chambers with bipartisan support and business and industry support.

SB 34 — Allows mass transit district to raise payroll taxes and self employment taxes.

Legislation Likely to Pass

HB 2009 — Establishes Oregon Health Authority Board and Oregon Health Authority and transfers health functions to authority from Department of Human Services. Creates Quality Care Institute in Oregon Health Authority. Omnibus government subsidized health care preparation for Oregon.

HB 2116 — Health premium tax for Oregon Health insurance subsidy. TAO included in large opposition coalition effort to stop the bill. Work session scheduled for full W&M..

HB 2069 — Limits amount of federally deductible income that taxpayer can may subtract for purposes of Oregon taxable income. TAO lobbyist provided opposition comments. Final amendments being prepared.

HB 2649 — The alternative minimum tax to capture tax liability for those individuals making $25,000 or more. Final amendments being prepared. TAO lobbyist provided opposition comments.

HB 3405 –Established tiered approach to corporate minimum tax on other than S corps. based on gross sales. Final amendments being prepared. TAO lobbyist provided opposition comments.

HB 2186 — Green House Gas legislation giving DEQ unprecedented rule making authority which will increase cost of transporting all goods and products for years to come. Large opposition coalition working to stop the bill in the senate.

SB 80– Regulatory approach to reduce C02 for large emitters which will tax the ratepayers with increased utility rates for years to come. Estimated cost to implement for next 10-15 years is over $12 Billion.

SB 36— Allows Multnomah County to establish and collect tolls for use of bridges across Willamette.

SB 555 — Allows certain schools to increase property tax rates. Looks like attempt to circumvent Measure 5, 49 and 51 provisions. Public hearing June 1, and TAO lobbyist will attend and provide comments. .

HJR 48 — Constitutional referral to allow legislature to tax C02 in the future and funds to go to highway trust fund. TAO provided opposition testimony. The one and only public hearing was probably only a courtesy hearing for Rep. Bailey. The relating clause could be used for gut and stuff.

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  • anonymous

    Just the transportation Tax Increase alone = $120 Per Year, per two person-two car household.

    Thanks Bruce and Larry! Thanks a lot boys!

  • Jessie

    Gas tax increase may not be popular, but we must be willing to give our money to the state if we expect them to keep roads safe, paved, and free of potholes. They are doing the best anyone can expect with what little they have now. These increases are needed to keep Oregon a great driving state.

    If school districts can get around 5 all the better. Teachers are underpaid for the hard, hard work they do dealing with our future leaders. I say they deserve far more than they are getting now.

    Taxing CO2 is a great idea as it is making our world warmer and warmer. We must stop this madness and taxing the heck out of something will decrease its use. Look what high taxes have done to smoking.

    We must limit the amount of deductibility of federal taxes so the rich can’t get away with not paying their fair share. The poor need our help and this is one way to give it to them.

    Our state workers are a tireless, dedicated group who need our support during these hard times.

    • Wolf Creek Ron

      Gas taxes I can live with except they should stop spending money on stupid bike paths unless the bikers are ready to poney up some money.

      Teachers get paid enough now. If they wanted to get rich, they should have gotten a private sector job. Oh, I forgot the private sector is having more problems creating jobs due to complying with taxes and government regulation. As for deductibility of Federal Taxes, I pay almost $5,000 a year now and I don’t consider myself rich. Also, the so called Rich pay plenty now. They is no such thing as paying their “fair share”.

      As for CO2 Tax, the whole global climate caused by mankind is a giant Hoax and probably the greatest swindle of World History. People like Al Gore are getting RICH on it and he makes more than his “fair share” of CO2. More and More each day, people are waking up to figure out it is a scam.

      As for State Workers, as I was for 15 years, they need to be glad that they have a job.

      • Wired

        Most cyclist old enough to drive also own cars and drive them now and then, so we do pay gas taxes. We also vote, and thus have an equal voice in suggesting to our legislators how tax money should best be spent. And as a practical matter, more cyclists mean fewer drivers meaning more space on the road for you. Beyond that, as I understand it the legislators, in their ultimate wisdom, specifically said this increased funding cannot be used for bicycle facilities. So lighten up.

        As for the global climate hoax, it is you my friend, who have been hoaxed. Scientists conduct objective studies and have concluded that global warming is real and human generated emissions are the primary cause. What Al Gore does or doesn’t do is not relevant to the reality of the atmosphere.

    • Anonymous

      tachers would probably make more if they actually did teach our future leaders. I hire some of those future leaders, they can’t even read. God help us.

    • Jamie

      You must be a government worker to say this nonsense.

      Co2 making our climate warmer and warmer? Are you kidding me? You’ve not done your homework past a blogger quoting his “brothers, sisters, friends boyfriends mother-in-law” told him that Global Warming is based on C02 emmissions. LOL! READ something concrete and quit quoting Huffington “Blowhard” Post or the Daily Comrade KOS! Al Gore is making billions selling you snake oil!

      Teachers are “underpaid”? Really? What other job pays $45,000 plus enormous health, retirement, and legacy benefits, right from the start? What other job is guaranteed that you’ll never, ever, be fired for “not doing your job”? Our teachers drive BMW’s, Land Rovers, Escillades, Mercedes, and our schools are failing! The administrators are bilking the tax payer millions of dollars every year while dumbing down our children, and you want to pay the UNIONS more? Why?

      Our roads and bridges, police and fire are THE only thing we should be paying for, yet time and again, when there are alternatives to save us money, they get voted down every time!

      WAKE UP, and just SAY NO TO THE KOOL-AID!

  • Rupert in Springfield

    You know, there is one bright spot in all of this.

    Every time our liberal friends run for office, they tend to talk about raising taxes on the rich. The nice thing is, once they get in office, you soon find out you are one of the rich they were talking about! Of course, there could be nicer ways for the average guy making an average salary to find out he is one of the wealthy.


    Lately I have started simply telling people that I am so wealthy I now have enough money to change the weather on the planet. Of course to most that sounds loony, but it is at the heart of Global Warming legislation after all. Perhaps that’s the consolation all us rich folk should take now that the tax and spend loons are in charge.

    I am suprised that the Democrats aren’t worried that taxing people who are scared to death about losing their house is a bad strategy. Given the recent voting results for tax increases here and in California, along with poll numbers for envioromental enthusiasm falling faster than temperatures in the last few years they may learn sooner than one thinks.

    Hey! Thats another bright spot for ya!

    Mr. Cheery

    *Taxes are the price one pays for a society.

    Tax increase are the price one pays for Democrats within that society.*

  • Bob Clark

    I wish there was climatological warming in the Willamette Valley. Last year was the coldest year in nearly 25 years. The early 90s had some real mild winters but that’s more than a decade ago now. There are some real pluses to climatological warming: (a) bike riding becomes a lot easier when it isn’t so cold and rainy, (b) less need for running the furnance, and (c, saving the best for last) more women-in-bikini watching opportunities.

    As for gasoline taxes, they should be indexed to inflation and the tax revenue restricted to only road repair and construction expenses.

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