Taxpayer Association: Capitol update on a dozen taxes

TAO Legislative Update 05-31-09
By Jim Welsh

Legislation Previously Passed

HB 2001 — Gas tax auto fee increase: Governors Jobs and Transportation Package passed both chambers with bipartisan support and business and industry support.

SB 34 — Allows mass transit district to raise payroll taxes and self employment taxes.

Legislation Likely to Pass

HB 2009 — Establishes Oregon Health Authority Board and Oregon Health Authority and transfers health functions to authority from Department of Human Services. Creates Quality Care Institute in Oregon Health Authority. Omnibus government subsidized health care preparation for Oregon.

HB 2116 — Health premium tax for Oregon Health insurance subsidy. TAO included in large opposition coalition effort to stop the bill. Work session scheduled for full W&M..

HB 2069 — Limits amount of federally deductible income that taxpayer can may subtract for purposes of Oregon taxable income. TAO lobbyist provided opposition comments. Final amendments being prepared.

HB 2649 — The alternative minimum tax to capture tax liability for those individuals making $25,000 or more. Final amendments being prepared. TAO lobbyist provided opposition comments.

HB 3405 –Established tiered approach to corporate minimum tax on other than S corps. based on gross sales. Final amendments being prepared. TAO lobbyist provided opposition comments.

HB 2186 — Green House Gas legislation giving DEQ unprecedented rule making authority which will increase cost of transporting all goods and products for years to come. Large opposition coalition working to stop the bill in the senate.

SB 80– Regulatory approach to reduce C02 for large emitters which will tax the ratepayers with increased utility rates for years to come. Estimated cost to implement for next 10-15 years is over $12 Billion.

SB 36— Allows Multnomah County to establish and collect tolls for use of bridges across Willamette.

SB 555 — Allows certain schools to increase property tax rates. Looks like attempt to circumvent Measure 5, 49 and 51 provisions. Public hearing June 1, and TAO lobbyist will attend and provide comments. .

HJR 48 — Constitutional referral to allow legislature to tax C02 in the future and funds to go to highway trust fund. TAO provided opposition testimony. The one and only public hearing was probably only a courtesy hearing for Rep. Bailey. The relating clause could be used for gut and stuff.