Lars Larson on “Voter Intimidation”

If Barack Obama isn’t going to protect our voting rights, what is he going to protect?

There’s a curious little case from the last election and it should cause you some concern. In Philadelphia, four members of the new Black Panthers stood in front of a voting place. It was an intimidating move because they stood there holding weapons.

If you’d been a voter approaching that polling place, would it have intimated you?

The fact is the United States Attorney decided to bring charges against the group. The problem now is that the Obama administration has decided to drop all charges.

The official explanation from the Obama Justice Department””because the defendants offered no defense in court, filed no briefs, asked for no hearings, and issued no pleadings”” because they didn’t defend themselves the Obama administration is going to drop the charges, altogether.

That makes no sense and it certainly doesn’t protect people’s right to vote.

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