Taxpayer Association: Big tax bills one step closer

Taxpayer Association of Oregon Capitol Update:

The two anticipated tax bills, HB 2649 and 3405, have been passed out of House Revenue to Ways & Means to avoid a Minority Report (i.e. Republicans offering a counter proposal).

Insider news at the Capitol say that the Democrats, despite supermajority in both chambers, do not have enough votes to pass a big outright and may refer it to voters with a simple majority vote. The vote may take place in September so everything can be well forgotten by election time. Representative Mary Nolan, a strong liberal in Portland, voted AGAINST the gas tax last week, but did not notify anyone until the vote. Talk is that she will lose her leadership position. She apparantly voted against the gas tax bill because the transportation bill was not pro-environment enough.

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  • anonymous

    What say Bruce & Larry?

    They should lose their seats if the taxes pass, are referred, and sequentially REJECTED by voters. It is very EXPENSIVE and time consuming for citizens to run tax referral campaigns.

  • Back2BasicsBudg

    Call Ways and Means Tomorrow!!!!

    Oregon State Legislature Ways & Means Joint Committee Dems

    Legislative – State Senators, Ways & Means Committee
    Name District Contact Email
    Alan Bates (D) 3 541-482-1427 [email protected]

    Vice-Chair Betsy Johnson (D) 16 503-543-4046 [email protected]

    Joanne Verger (D) 5 541-267-7611 [email protected]

    Co-Chair Margaret Carter (D) 22 503-282-6846 [email protected]

    Rod Monroe (D 24 503-760-4310 [email protected]

    Vicki Walker (D) 7 541-302-9533 [email protected]

    Legislative – State Representatives, Ways & Means Committee

    Name District Contact Email
    Betty Komp (D) 22 503-986-1422 [email protected]

    Chip Shields (D) 43 503-231-2564 [email protected]

    David Edwards (D) 30 503-986-1430 [email protected]

    Larry Galizio (D) 35 503-350-0804 [email protected]

    Vice-Chair Nancy Nathanson (D) 13 541-343-2206 [email protected]

    Co-Chair Peter Buckley (D) 5 503-986-1405 [email protected]

    Tina Kotek (D) 44 503-986-1444 [email protected]

  • anonymous

    Why are we to waste our time calling the very people who want to raise our taxes NO matter what we say?

    These arrogant bastards are in a frenzy to raise taxes and rub our noses in it.

  • Joe

    Our taxes MUST be raised in these difficult times to provide a safety net for all.
    I will pay my fair share so that others, less fortunate, can survive.
    It is the Oregon way.

    • JimRay

      Won’t the increase in fees on auto licenses, registrations, titles, etc. be thrust upon the “less fortunate”?

      There are other tax & fee increase proposals of course, which if indeed passed, I assure you will be felt by the “less fortunate” one way or the other.

      Understand that as a businessman, any increases that come my way WILL be passed on to one & all including the “less fortunate”.

    • Wolf Creek Ron

      Hey Joe! Don’t wait until taxes are raised. Send in your “fair share” now to the Oregon Department of Revenue. In other words, put your money where your mouth is.

  • Mike

    Here is a simple Math problem that the State of Oregon, our legislators, and our Schools cannot even resolve:

    On the front page of Tuesday’s Oregonian (May 19), there is an article about the proposed Oregon budget, and how it will be cut to meet the tax revenue shortfall.

    Several points stood out to me:

    = Total 2007-2009 spending is listed as $14.4 billion.
    = The 2009-2011 revised “cut” plan calls for $15.2 billion in spending, a 5.3% increase over 2007-2009.

    Further in the article, it is claimed that $17.2 billion is actually needed to continue providing state services at the current level; a $2.8 billion or 19.4% increase over 2007-2009 spending with the claim “to maintain current services.”

    Can anyone explain how state spending needs would increase by almost 20% to maintain current services? Is the recession costing Oregon 20% more? Has anyone seen their income or total expenses increase 20% over the same period?

    Can anyone explain why an increase in spending from $14.4 to $15.2 is viewed as a “cut”?

    School funding of course is the sacrificial lamb, along with other services, to convince citizens that Salem needs more tax revenue.

    You know the mantra, without this taxt increase our children will suffer.

    It’s not just schools that are being used as props. Social services, public safety, etc. are all be trotted out as lambs to be slaughtered if taxes are not raised.

    State government needs to tighten their belts just as the private sector has had to do.

    #4, I hope you were being sarcastic in your comments.

    • Anonymous

      Of course, with the tax increases our children really will suffer. It’s a crime to use children as an excuse. They don’t care whether the children suffer or not, they just want to have their way.

  • Delia Lopez

    Companies are struggling to survive and raising taxes now will put more people out of work, increasing auto registration fees and gas taxes disproportionately hurts those the Reps say they are trying to help. Increasing taxes and fees always hurts the economy. We have a choice. Lower taxes and fees so business will improve and more people will have jobs, increase taxes and fees so more people will be unemployed and need welfare, then increase taxes and fees to pay for the welfare. The cycle continues either way. Americans do not want government programs to take care of them, they want jobs so they can take care of themselves. Remember all these gov. employees were getting raises while we were losing our jobs.

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