Lars Larson on “Taxes and Jobs”

Let’s talk about taxes and jobs.

The President of the United States would like to raise taxes. The Congress would like to raise taxes as well. The President promised not to raise taxes on those below a quarter of a million dollars. That’s the kind of class envy approach the Democrats typically take.

So an awful lot of Americans thought, well, we can raise taxes and who is it going to hurt?

Let me tell you who it is going to hurt. The CEO of Microsoft came out late last week and announced that if those Obama tax increases go through Microsoft would be sending a lot of its jobs overseas.

An awful lot of those people don’t make $250,000. They are programmers. They are software technicians. They are just ordinary workers who are going to lose their jobs.

The Microsoft Corporation in a very rational and reasonable way has looked at the cost of doing business in the United States and said, “If Barack Obama and the tax hungry Congress decide to add to our costs it will be too expensive to do business here.”

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