House passes two big tax increases. Vote Scorecard!

Taxpayer Association Tax Result: Today the Democrat-led House approved an income tax hike (Hb 2649) and a business tax hike (HB 3405). Both bill votes and floor speech highlights listed below. It came mostly along party lines except Democrat Rep. Schaufler voted against both taxes and Republican Bob Jenson (Pendleton) voted FOR both taxes, and Republiucan Rep. Greg Smith voted just for the income tax hike.

On HB 2649 raises the income tax brackets on Oregonians who make over $125,000.

YES= 37, Barton (D),Bailey (D),Barker (D), Barnhart (D),Beyer (D),Boone (D),Buckley (D),Cannon (D), Clem (D), Cowan (D),Dembrow (D), Edwards-David (D),Edwards-Chris (D), Galizo (D), Garrett (D), Gelser (D), Greenlick (D), Harker (D), Holvey (D), Hunt (D), Jenson (R), Kahl (D), Komp(D), Kotek (D), Mathews (D), Nathanson (D), Nolan (D), Read (D), Riley (D), Roblan (D), Shields (D), Smith G.(R), Smith- J (D), Stiegler(D), Tomei (D), VanOrman(D), Witt (D).

Nays, 23–, Bentz(R), Berger(R), Bruun(R), Cameron(R), Esquivel(R), Freeman(R), Garrard(R), Gilliam(R), Gilman(R), Hanna(R), Huffman(R), Kennemer(R), Krieger(R), Maurer(R), Olson(R), Richardson(R), Sprenger (R), Schaufler (D), Thatcher(R), Thompson (R), Weidner(R), Whisnant(R), Wingard (R).

HB 3405-9 — Raises corporate minimum tax to $150 to $100,000.

YES= 36, Barton (D),Bailey (D),Barker (D), Barnhart (D),Beyer (D),Boone (D),Buckley (D),Cannon (D), Clem (D), Cowan (D),Dembrow (D), Edwards-David (D),Edwards-Chris (D), Galizo (D), Garrett (D), Gelser (D), Greenlick (D), Harker (D), Holvey (D), Hunt (D), Jenson (R), Kahl (D), Komp(D), Kotek (D), Mathews (D), Nathanson (D), Nolan (D), Read (D), Riley (D), Roblan (D), Shields (D), Smith- J (D), Stiegler(D), Tomei (D), VanOrman(D), Witt (D).

Nays, 23–, Bentz(R), Berger(R), Bruun(R), Cameron(R), Esquivel(R), Freeman(R), Garrard(R), Gilliam(R), Gilman(R), Hanna(R), Huffman(R), Kennemer(R), Krieger(R), Maurer(R), Olson(R), Richardson(R), Sprenger (R), Schaufler (D), Smith G.(R), Thatcher(R), Thompson (R), Weidner(R), Whisnant(R), Wingard (R).

On HB 2649 raises the income tax brackets on Oregonians who make over $125,000.

Rep. Rep. Peter Buckley gave a passionate defense of new taxes by saying “We have cut to where we can cut no more”. Apparently the near $2 billion increase in the all-funds budget (if no taxes were raised) constitutes a cut.

State Rep. Bruun said this tax would take Oregon from the third highest income tax bracket to become the #1 highest in the nation. He emphasized that if you want more income taxes — create more income, not more taxes. Bruun further stated that some 4% of Oregonians already pay 30% of the tax share and that how much is enough? 50%? 60%?

Rep. Chris Edwards said those households that are making $260,000 a year would not sacrifice “anything” under this tax. Edwards scolded high income earners for opposing the bill and trying to push other Oregonians down the ladder by refusing to accept a tax increase.

Rep. Gilliam chastised the Democrats for not adopting a single cost-saving idea from the two Republican budget proposals. “Not one!” he challenged.

Rep. Brian Clem said he was representing his district since 80% of the homes had a government employee or retiree living in it. Clem also said he has been waiting decades (yes he said decades) to vote for this tax hike bill to make the higher income earners pay their fair share. Clem is an inspiration to those in the younger generation who dream of spending most of their lives in the quest of taking other people’s money.

Rep. Bailey bellowed out that with this tax “Oregon was going to lead the nation!”. It was not clear in his speech what he meant for which Oregon was going to lead the nation, but he meant it. Finally, he said he looked forward to raiding the people’s kicker tax refund in the future.

In conclusion, the bill sponsor Rep. Barnhart countered the many Republican claims that somehow entrepreneurs, jobs, profit and business are the key to the economy. Barnhart redefined modern economics by saying that the true key to the economy really is “human capital”, for which he defined as a healthy and educated population. [To me, I have seen many places with lots of healthy educated people but exist in a horrible economy, like “¦Oregon!!! Oregon has the nation’s 2nd highest unemployment. I have yet to see a healthy economy that magically had no jobs or profit making industries.]

HB 3405-9 — Raises corporate minimum tax to $150 to $100,000.

Representative Tomei said that the business tax package was “just enough to get by” (so expect more taxes next session?).

State Rep. Thatcher used state economic numbers pointing to 5,000 expected jobs lost because of these new taxes.

State Representative Jim Thompson quoted a local truck businessman who said he was already paying $70,000 in new taxes just from the transportation bill passed last month, and now will be hit again with HB 3405.

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  • anonymous

    Can anyone explain to me why Old man Jenson is in the Republican party. You cannot ever trust a RINO and especially a RINO who was once a registered Democrat and who has conveniently infiltrated the Republican caucus.

    Thanks Bob! You are disgusting and should retire.

  • Patrick

    I sincerely hope that every Oregonian is paying attention to these bills and the comments made. As a result of these bills, the increase to the Tri-met tax, the health insurance initiative voted on yesterday and all the other ones coming we will all be paying more and our state will suffer the consequences.

    As I read some of the comments above and others I have received I realize that we are in far worse shape than just economically. When you have an individual who is supposed to represent the citizens of this state stating that he has been waiting decades to impose a tax on a select group of individuals, namely higher income earners, to force them to pay their fair share, when the data clearly shows that they are already paying more than their fair share, we are not in an economic decline, we are in a moral decline. I wonder how Rep. Clem would feel if a special tax was created and imposed only on liberal Democrats such as himself?


    There many ways to skin this cat, for example; every employer affected in the Tri-Met taxing districts cut you employees hours from 40 to a max 36/week.

    Less FICA, SUI, W/Comp, Tri-Met, etc., employer contributions and of course less out in wages.

    Perhaps when the “less fortunate” start complaining that THEIR incomes are being cut back the IDIOTS in Salem will wake the hell up and understand who it is that provides the jobs. It certainly isn’t the bastards who pass these tax increases.

    • Anonymous

      Excellent idea, if only all business would do the same. Can you imaging the screams that would resound around our fair state? Go for it

  • David Appell

    This is a legal vote based on our system of representative democracy, and I’m happy to see it go through. Studies have clearly shown that the rich in OR pay less taxes, percentage-wise, than the poor, and the fact that huge corporations get away with paying $10/yr is just obscene. This bill will help correct some of these failings.

    • Patrick


      Unfortunately you have absolutly no idea of what you are talking about. What you just agreed to was in essence a tax on yourself. You, as a consumer of any goods or services from an Oregon corporation will be paying that tax in the form of an increase in cost of the good or service. An increase in cost to a business, no matter what form it comes in, be it labor costs, material costs or tax is passed on to the consumer in the price of the good or service. All you are doing is making it harder for a business in Oregon to survive and succeed. It is amazing, all you liberal guys want to advocate, buy local, support local businesses and then you want to turn around and punish the local businesses. You guys really are just twisted in your thinking.

      And as for the rich paying less in taxes than the poor, what are you smoking. This is neither true in Oregon or nationally. For clarity on this I would point you to this news letter published a few weeks back by Rep. Dennis Richardson in which he clearly shows, using the states own records, what the numbers are.

      David, I would suggest that if you feel so strongly that the state needs more money and does a perfectly adequate job budgeting and spending the money it does have, that you make a personal extra tax donation directly to the state and stop punishing the rest of us.

    • Steve Plunk

      Trolling again David? Corporate minimum tax is paid whether or not a company makes a profit. When profitable taxes are paid. You are purposely misleading people with your statement and should be ashamed of such underhanded tactics. Oh, I forgot liberals have no shame.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      >and the fact that huge corporations get away with paying $10/yr is just obscene.

      Anyone who says this, and thinks its actually true, has absolutley no, zero, not the slightest idea whatsoever, of what the hell they are talking about.

      David, you may have a PhD in physics, I was definitly wrong about that. But you certainly have no concept, idea of the faintest hint or knowledge on this matter.

    • Charles Olsen

      Mr. Appell, My goodness where have you been all of your life? Poor People don’t creat jobs, corporations pass taxes through on their products, the same people pay the taxes. We need job creation not job elimination. It is hard to believe anyone thinks like you in that the more wealth distribution there is the less jobs will be created. Think about what you have said. It is obvious you have never had a business, worked some 80 hours per week. Wealth distribution will make all of us POOR. Look at Dictator ships, socialistic and communistic countries they believe as you do. Wake up man.

    • Diane Kohler

      Too bad you’re one of the Kool-Aid drinkers who believe what the drive-by media and liberal tax and spend Democrats have been feeding us. Oregonians continue to suffer.

  • David Appell

    Patrick wrote:
    > Unfortunately you have absolutly no idea of what you are
    > talking about. What you just agreed to was in essence a
    > tax on yourself. You, as a consumer of any goods or services
    > from an Oregon corporation will be paying that tax in the
    > form of an increase in cost of the good or service.

    Patrick, you’re completely wrong — I have every idea what I am talking about. I am happy to have my taxes raised if it means everyone in Oregon, including me, has health care. I am unable to buy health insurance at any cost, because no insurance corporation will sell it to me because of pre-existing conditions.

    Have you ever had to live without health care, Patrick? I doubt it. You strike me as the type who stays safely in his cubicle job for security and never sets out on his own to pursue his dreams. How is your cubicle world working out, Patrick?

    I am very happy to see this problem remedied. So should you. You and your employer are already paying a significant premium to (partly) cover the cost of treating the uninsured.

    If you would be an objective businessperson and look around, you’d see that nearly every other developed country covers the health care of all its citizens at significantly less cost, with significantly better results. But because a couple of insurance company advertisements have told you that people in Canada wait a few weeks for a hip replacement, you think their system is overall inferior. You are wrong.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      >If you would be an objective businessperson

      David, its a little ridiculous to ask someone else to be objective in a situation when you clearly have a dog in the fight as regards your inability to get health insurance.

      Also, the circumstances surrounding a pre existing condition have a lot of bearing on this.

      Can you not get coverage that excludes this condition?

      In short, what is the nature and circumstances surrounding this pre-existing condition? Its a little hard to grant much credence to it without knowing the circumstances and nature of it.

    • Anonymous

      David you are not the only one that had to do without insurance. sob, sob. Just who in the heck made business your keeper, your mother, father, brother sister and the kid next door. God you’re dumb

    • Anonymous

      Actually you are elibible for the Oregon Risk Pool of health insurance. It is through Blue Cross, more expensive than regular insurance, but they are required to provide you with a policy in spite of your condition. You must first be turned down by two insurers for regular health insurance, then you qualify. You will have a six month waiting period, but then is it wors than having to pay your own bill. I have been in the risk pool. The insurance was decent but the premiums were higher. So instead of whining, educate your self and go get it.

    • kenb

      David, Do you know what happens when you put 20 people in a 4 man life raft?
      I would bet a few $ you work for the government.
      I am also a small business owner who is looking at layoffs if we keep laying people off and our busineses go under who are you going to tax then??

      • Rupert in Springfield

        I don’t think David works for the government. He just got through making fun of someone for sitting in a cubicle. He also lead one to believe that rather than do that, David set out to pursue his dream.

        The issue for David is, he doesn’t want to live with the consequences of pursuing that dream. Yet he wants everyone to help pick up the tab for his pursuit.

        Even the guy in the cubical.

        The one he made fun of.

        You know, its hard to think of anything more arrogant than thinking pursuit of ones dreams should be financed by those one mocks for not pursing theirs.

      • David Appell

        Ken, I am in business for myself and have been so for 11 years. I have never worked for the government.

        In any case, I don’t see the relevance. Tens of millions of people in this “great” country cannot afford health insurance. That is already a crime right there.

    • BJ1949

      Speak for yourself, David!

      It’s evident you’ve obviously never lived or worked abroad for any period of time in any of the Socialist-run European Countries, nor have you had the opportunity of having had any European foreign exchange students from Europe living in your home, who can help educate you to the truth.

      Besides living and working abroad for 5 yrs., I had a Swedish foreign exchange student in my home who was well-versed on this subject of “health care”, since her Dad was a doctor. Believe me, you don’t want the same type of Government-run “healthcare” here in America that the Europeans have despised for decades now! Hasn’t it ever dawned on you why Europeans and people from other Nations with Socialist-run Governments have been willing to leave their Countries to move here to the USA? Sweden has one of the worse Socialist-controlled Governments in Europe, and my Swedish foreign exchange student educated me to the fact the reason her Daddy moved them to Germany was although Germany has a Socialist-run Government, it’s a little less regimented than Sweden’s. She said people in need of cancer treatments and heart surgeries, to name just two, often die before they can be treated because they have to be on waiting lists for a year or more! She also said you can forget about being treated by a doctor or a dentist during the summer months because they are all on vacation the entire time!

      Even though HISTORY has PROVEN Socialism and Communism DON’T work, our uneducated American masses continue to choose to remain uneducated because they insist on believing the lies that are being spewed, continuously, by those they allow to deceive them, the ones who use the innocent-sounding name “Democrats” for their political party, whose real political agenda for America is Socialism!

      I’ve been physically disabled for over 13 yrs., as verified by Surgeons and my Internist and my medical records, yet neither Social Security nor the State of OR have given me a cent of financial assistance in spite of the fact I began paying into Social Security when I started to work at 18 yrs. old! I paid into Social Security my adult life until this injury occurred, and despite also paying my IRS taxes and OR State Income Taxes every single year, I’m still being denied any kind of financial medical assistance from our US Government and the State of OR. However, the sicko who created a website for child molestors–telling them what parks and other places to go to to find children to molest–admitted on the Victoria Taft Show some months back that he was drawing disability from both our US Government as well as from the State of OR (after moving here from CA)!! I was furious as were others who are physically disabled (like me), who had also been turned down for financial medical assistance! However, they also pay out medical assistance and all kinds of other freebies every day to illegals, many of whom daily take away jobs from Oregonians as well as others who live here, who have faithfully paid their taxes each year to the IRS and the State of OR (like me)! Why? Because most illegals and other immigrants come from Countries with Socialist-run Governments. The Socialist Democraats know they can easily bribe these people into voting them into office and voting to keep them in office in exchange for all the freebies they give them, including free college educations, in many cases!

      It’s the Socialist Democrats who created this medical crisis in America by not putting any “cap” on the number of illegals and immigrants they allow to come into our Nation every year!

      For those who choose to forget: President Bush warned when he first got into office that Social Security was broke and needed to be fixed, yet the Socialist Democrats lied, claiming nothing was wrong with the Social Security system, and they shot down all his and the Republican
      Party’s efforts to fix it! President Bush also tried to make our Nation energy independent, yet each time he and the Republican Party tried to push for oil drilling and other forms of energy exploration, these Socialist Democrats not only prevented it, they created a moratorium to prevent it! The Socialists created Freddy Mac and Fannie Mac and deliberately allowed all these bad real estate loans to those who they
      knew would never be able to afford to repay those loans! Why? To deliberately create an economic crisis to scare people into voting for their Socialist candidate for President: Barack Hussein Obama!

      • David Appell

        You continually ignore countless rigorous studies that show that country’s with single payer health care spend far less than does the US on health care, and get far better results.

        All you are offering are purported conversations you’ve supposedly had with some high school students about health care in their home countries.

        I’m sorry, but high school students don’t know squat, just as you didn’t in high school, or me.

        Detailed studies with rigorous statistics count for much more. And they all say that single-payer in far cheaper and far better.

        In any case, I don’t even care. 1/6th of this damn country has no health insurance. Until you drop your selfishness and act like they matter — because YOU could well be among them next week — nothing you say matters.

        These people *will* get health insurance, one way or the other. If, as you seem to think is fair, this can come through the corporate system, then that system will be destroyed because you have neither the empathy or imagination about how to replace it.

        A system that ignores 20% of the country will not stand. It is falling apart around you. Stop being so selfish and step up to fixing it and providing a system where everyone has access to the same health care you think you have a right to.

        • Conscience of a Moonbat

          Oh David. Please provide studies of Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, Canada, North Korea, Albania, the former USSR, etc. that demonstrate how much better health care is in those countries, for the average citizen, compared to the U.S.

          David, do you know of a study that demonstrates a correlation between Mountain Dew consumption and personal hygiene standards?

  • Patrick


    Sorry to burst your bubble but I have never worked in a cubicle and have no desire to do so. In fact I am a small business owner and have been for several years and my business, quite literally, requires me to think outside the box and be creative.

    I am well aware of what insurance costs are as I am the one who has to find it, provide it and pay for it. I don’t like the costs either and I have had to make adjustments over the years as those costs have continued to increase. I understand and sympathize with your struggle in not being able to get insurance due to a pre-existing condition. Trust me, I have worried about this type of situation happening to me as well. But insurance of any sort was never meant to be an end all an be all. Insurance, in it’s best form has always been meant for catastrophic situations.

    Given the track record that the government has in running and managing things, having them in control of my health care is not something I think is a wise idea. I want to be in control of my and my families heath care decisions as well as every other aspect of my life. I beleive there are many other ways of reducing health care cost other than steeling from others and redistributing.

    We have become in this country what I now refer to as “the disconnected society”. What I mean by that is, if we take the example of health care, most of us with insurance rarely pay a doctor bill directly and probalby have no idea what the cost of an exam or appointment really is and we probably don’t care. We don’t have to because someone or some other company is paying the bill and as long as the bill gets paid, we are happy and move on. We are disconeccted from that aspect.

    There are several very easy steps that Oregon could take to begin to reduce costs. We could open up insurance to out of state companies to compete without having to be licensed in Oregon. We currently have, I believe, somewhere around 40 mandates that insurance providers must cover. This costs everyone more. You are a man, do you really need coverage for female reproductive tests? If we had the ability to pick and chose what coverage we actually needed, rates could be reduced. We do this with car insurance, and homeowners insurance, why not health insurance?

    There are many ways to begin to reduce costs but adding more government into the mix will neither bring down costs nor increase quality. And why in the world would you want to put your or your families health care decisions into the hands of some beaurocrat in Washington? Do you really think they care one bit about you?

    I beleive that I am a very ration and logical person and business person. I am not prone to making quick or irrational decisions. I think we agree on one point, our health care system needs help. I think we both want the same end result, the best coverage available to the most people at the best price. Where we differ, at least at this time, is in how to best improve the situation.

    As a business person and entrepreneur, I have seen first hand the power of the individual and the market place and I firmly believe in it. It has the uncanny ability, if left to work unfettered, to do the greatest good for the greatest number of people. That does not mean that it is 100% perfect all the time or that no harm will ever come but if you actually let it and the people in it work, the potential is unlimited. No government in the history of the world has ever come close to providing what the free market can and has.

  • Karol

    I am glad this passed. Why does anyone need more than $125,000 a year to live? I work at Starbucks and WITH tips I am lucky to make $23,00 or so a year. I need help with day care, my teeth, my eyes, and other things. I also drive a clunker which I hope to get some money for if Congress passes the clunker law.

    I hope Oregonians wake up and finally see that there are many of us out here who work hard (I work almost 30 hours each week) and can’t help it if we are not getting a living wage. Luckily I get food stamps so I can use my money for other things, like video rentals, which I need to show to my son so he won’t bother me when I am resting. I am hopoing to save enough to get a new TV, too, as in a couple days my old TV will not work without one of those converter boxes. I have heard they are hard to hook up, don’t work that well, and still cost money even if I get the coupon from the feds. How silly is that – I have to pay now to watch TV, which has always been free. I think something is wrong when a person has to buy something extra just to watch tv. I need my tv or I will not be an informed citizen.

    Anyway, sorry for venting like this, but I am finally happy to see that people like me are going to be treated well by the state. Thanks to all who make this possible.

    Come by sometime and I will give you extra whipped cream on your latte.

    • JimRay

      I don’t drink Starbucks (heavy contributor to Liberal Left) and so I don’t want your “extra whipped cream!

      BTW, ever think of filling another 10 hours a week with a second job? Hell, you don’t even work a full week unlike those of us who Own the Businesses that YOU want help from.

      As far as I’m concerned you are just a whiner and TS to you!

      • Josh Reynolds

        I think you severely missed the joke.

        • JimRay

          I’m in no mood for jokes re tax increases. This is no joking matter!

          I love this quote from Russ Walker referring to the two PUKES from E. Oregon. “I swear to God they will not come back to this building,” said Walker. Those guys are not reflecting the values of those who put them in those seats.”

        • Zero

          Many humor imparied people in politics

    • an employee

      Gee Karol, I work hard for my money too. You make more than I do, since I can get by on less, so can you. After all if I don’t need as much, then neither do you. Please share with me, so I can live as good as you. I don’t care that you worked for it and I didn’t, just like you don’t care if somebody making more than you worked for it also.

    • Brass

      Karol – That was classic. My favorite tout was the one about the video rentals that babysit your kids because your too tired after working nearly 30 hours per week…

      You should be writing for South Park.

  • Salem Observer

    That’s pretty bold talk for Russ Walker. I have every expectation he will focus a lot of time and energy to defeat Smith and Jenson, and he may well be successful.

    It’s just a shame that all the effort and money will go to improve safe republican seats, instead of expanding the size of our caucus. We would have lost the tax vote even if Jenson and Smith were solid votes on our side…but it’s good political theater to take out someone in the primary instead of working against the democrats..and then sell that success to his Washington masters. He can play the martyr in the overall defeat, but claim he did his part to make republicans better. This is a numbers game…and we don’t have the numbers. Nor will we unless we focus that energy on some swing seats.

    Russ has a better track record against Republicans than against Democrats…mostly because his reputation and credibility have zero cross-over appeal in a general election. But he is a great showman and can whip up the righteous indignation amongst his folks.

    Don’t get me wrong…I like a clean house. But this is like picking up the bench when a friend needs your help moving his piano. Yes, the bench has to be moved too…but that’s not really why your friend needed your help.

    • JimRay

      Just exactly what the hell is “safe” about having PUKE RINO’s like Jenson & Smith?

      I want to know that if you are in the “Republican” caucus I don’t have to “focus a lot of time and energy” watching you like little children. Get it through your heads, increasing taxes will not improve the economy.

    • Jay Bozievich

      Are you saying that 3405-9 the corporate tax increase would have passed without Jenson’s yes vote? Do you understand the 3/5ths rule for tax increases? Likewise if Smith and Jenson had voted on on the income tax increase it would have stopped there. Unless you know there was a deal that allowed Schaufler to vote No and he would have voted Yes if the voted No?

      • JimRay

        “Likewise if Smith and Jenson had voted on on” Typo???

  • Salem Observer

    Gee…Schauffler would have NEVER cut a deal to keep his rural, conservative-leaning seat, especially when he’s a favorite of Dave Hunt and one of the few pro-business democrats in the state and necessary for their cross-over image appeal.

    Deals like this are just part of the game.

    • JimRay

      It’s time for the “games” and the nonsense to cease. What’s it gonna take, a Civil War, and I don’t mean OU vs OSU.

  • Jay Bozievich

    Yep, that should have been “No on”

  • Patrick

    For those who are still in favor of state run health care take a look at this article, Oregon’s plan is the key topic:

  • Anonymous

    I operate a busines infive cities in Oregon. Due to the current business climate we have laid off over 60 folks and must do a few more. We will do $50+million inbusiness this year,about 60% of normal, we will lose over a half million and then still have to pay a new larger gross receipts tax? It is stupid and grossly unfair! The dumbbells that voted for this obviously have never owned a business and had to struggle with the tough decisions we have had to makethis year. All of our remaining employees have had to take cuts in pay from the top down!

  • Gary Dale

    We have the 2nd highest unemployment in the nation because Oregons policy is government is more important the the people they govern salem is 17 square miles surrounded by reality.

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