Business tax bill gets derailed in the Senate

Taxpayer Association Update

HB 3405-9 which raises the corporate minimum tax was pulled off the Senate floor after it failed ot get enough votes. All the Republicans voted against thebill and the final straw was the lone Democrat Senator Mark Hass who refused tov ote for it unless the tax had a sunset in it. The idea of a time limit to the tax was something fellow Democrat Joanne Verger spoke about on the floor although she did for it. It is rare for such an important bill to be derailed on the floor by the controlling party. The bill will likely be amended and brougth back to the floor for a vote and be revoted on in the House.

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    Wow, someone with a conscience. This is perhaps the cruelest tax suggestion out there as it taxes people who may have even suffered a loss. Beleive me, running a business in the Obama economy at a profit isn’t easy.

    Although its pretty clear the legislature has it in for Oregon business and this thing is going to come back, at least this is a sign that at some point someone was actually thinking out there.

    People have been real clear on tax issues, both in Oregon and around the country. Taxes are high enough. If you need to save money, please, cut back on your raises first, without asking the rest of us to do with less so a bunch of government fat cats can live high on the hog.

  • JimRay

    Ask yourself, why in the Hell would a wacko-liberal-pinko like Hass want to “sunset” a tax increase on the corporate minimum tax?

    Let’s go to the video tape of past sessions and find Hass speaking in favor of the increase. Piece of cake.

    Hass evidently didn’t get “his stroked” so he’s playing poker. Guess what? Hass will vote in favor of the increase, when amended, and it won’t have a “sunset”. Hass will have been “stroked”!

    • Rupert in Springfield

      Oh God, you’re right.

      Well, once again I tried to give the parasites the benifit of the doubt. Once again I have been proven wrong for doing so.

      You know, at some point being cynical becomes the same thing as being a realist.

      The war on the productive goes on.

  • Don

    AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! It passes!

  • JimRay

    Told ya so!!! Told ya Mark Hass would get stroked!

    When will you people wake up and understand that you CANNOT trust one single legislator in Salem. And that includes Larry George and Brucie Starr who voted to INCREASE transportation taxes. They’re all bastards!

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