Senate approves $700 million in new taxes!

Taxpayer Association of Oregon

On both tax bills raising $700+ in new taxes, came down to a party-line vote.
— HB 3405: $261 million in new taxes on business, raises corporate minimum from $10 tup to $100,000 and increases the overall tax rate on Oregon corporations.
— HB 2649: $472 million in new income taxes on higher income earners (125,000 above).

18 VOTED YES: Alan C Bates-D,Suzanne Bonamici-D, Ginny Burdick-D, Margaret Carter-D, Peter Courtney-D, Richard Devlin-D, Jackie Dingfelder-D,Mark Hass-D , Betsy Johnson-D,Rick Metsger-D, Laurie Monnes Anderson-D, Rod Monroe-D, Bill Morrisette-D, Floyd Prozanski-D, Diane Rosenbaum-D, Martha Schrader-D,Joanne Verger-D, Vicki L Walker-D,

12 VOTED NO. Jason Atkinson-R, Brian Boquist-R, Ted Ferrioli-R, Larry George-R, Fred Girod-R, Jeff Kruse-R, Frank Morse-R,David Nelson-R, Bruce Starr-R, Chris Telfer-R, Doug Whitsett-R, Jackie Winters-R .

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  • Don

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Oregon wins, wingnuts lose!

    • Rupert in Springfield

      I love the idiot losers who think raising the corporate minimum tax “screws the rich”. I say idiot losers here quite purposefully. Someone who doesn’t understand an issue is ignorant. Someone who wants action on an issue to hurt someone else when they clearly have no knowledge whatsoever about the issue, is an idiot and a loser.

      The fact is, for the vast majority of corporations, it is legally impossible to pay anything but the minimum tax. but that doesn’t mean they only pay $10.

      If this sounds mysterious to you, you are ignorant.

      If this sounds mysterious and you were for raising the corporate tax, then you are an idiot loser. I mean lets face it you just established that you know nothing about business right?

      The fact is, it is legally impossible for an S Corp to pay more than the minimum $10. And you know what else? That means that owner of that S Corp, if he made the exact same amount as you, paid $10 more than you did in tax to Oregon.

      Yep, that’s right, S Corps are the majority of corporations. They are the mom and pop store down the street. They are the bait shop. They pay every bit of tax that you do, plus $10 for being a corporation.

      You know what else? They even pay that $10 if they lose money.

      Yep, if you run an S Corp, there is never a corporate profit. Anything over your costs, advertising, rent, raw materials, inventory, all goes to you as income, and you pay income tax on every penny. So if you are one of the idiot loser’s who thinks by opening up a corporation, you pay no taxes except a lousy $10, you truly are a fool. You also probably still live with your mom or your house is registered with the DMV.

      In short, S Corps don’t pay corporate taxes because they pay it all on the personal side.

      So gee, thanks all you haters. You just made life even harder for people who are struggling. I don’t want to hear thing one from any of you about compassion this or compassion that. Fools who don’t understand an issue, and then take joy in their ignorance in thinking they have “screwed the rich” sound like whining hypocrites when they all of a sudden bring up compassion.

      • JimRay

        For any red cent of increased taxes put upon me in business I will surcharge each and every person who buys from me and that includes morons like Don.

        Don, get it straight baby, you are going to pay for all of these increases, Har-Har-Hardee-Har-Har.

  • JimRay

    Took less than 24hours for creep, liberal, pinko, wacko, Mark Hass to get stroked.

    No “Sunset” clause in this amended version that Hass just had to have yesterday.

    I told ya’ll so. (see post from yesterday)

  • jim karlock

    Hey, Don, you are wrong: it is the wing nuts, who won & the rest of Oregon that lost!

    When do we start gathering the signatures to save Oregon from this insanity?

    (The good news is still that the global warming wing nuts didn’t get to tax us into poverty with SB80. And poor Angus will have to sell his carbon offsets without a state mandate that people buy them.)

  • Tim Lyman

    Attention Business Owners:

    Thinking it’s finally time to leave Oregon?

    I have residential and commercial real estate contacts in Washington and Idaho who can help you find a new home and business locatiion.

    see for contact information.

    Attention wingnuts: remember that there is such a thing as caller ID.

    • come again?

      According to the Tax Foundation, Idaho ranks 13th in total state and local tax burden, while Oregon ranks 26th. Are you sure you want to help people locate their business to Idaho to gain tax advantages? Maybe it should be the other way around.

  • Dave A.

    Already have plans to liquidate my business and leave in October. It was nice while it lasted…too bad that virtually ALL the DEMO DUMMIES in the Legislature have never owned a business – and have no clue how these new taxes will drive even more small businesses under or out of state.

  • Betsy

    You got it wrong. Atkinson has been excused from these votes. He didn’t vote on them.

  • Neil S

    This is a classic example of two things-
    This state is in serious need of a tax overhaul
    This state is being completely overrun by the left-We need to
    get some good Republican candidates and we need to get them
    Somehow, we need to get the people out of power who can’t do enough for illegals, i.e. in-state tuition, health insurance, unemployment, etc and yet turn around and punish those who earn a high income until they are forced to “pay their fair share”!

  • wnd

    Pogo Possum was correct about the enemy – and, the insurgents now infest Oregon’s government like a bunch of bad a** weeds! Damn!

  • Terry Parker

    Tax fairness in Oregon does NOT exist, at least when it comes to transportation taxes. Motorists continue to be treated as cash cows, especially when excessive motorist paid taxes and fees are raided and poached to subsidize and/or fund infrastructure for other modes of travel. Missing from the one-sided legislative agenda of new tax packages is a bicycle tax that would be directly levied on DEADBEAT bicyclists. Currently one more freeloading bicyclist is one less transportation taxpayer. Sharing the road must also mandate sharing the financial responsibility. Irresponsible deadbeat bicyclists need to be directly taxed to pay for the specialized bicycle infrastructure they use and rant for. Obviously, too many in the legislature not only stifle any open discussions of a bicycle tax with the public, but also are bias only representing the (often vocal) special interests, and/or have a conflict of self interest (protecting the loose change in their own pockets and their campaign contributors) rather than representing the silent majority of people and families as a whole.

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