Lars Larson on the Museum Shooting, Guns, & Conservatives

That shooting at the Holocaust Museum is sure to set off a number of different things in our public discourse.

First, you’re going to hear more cries for gun laws. The fact is, gun laws aren’t going to make any difference. That man was violating at least sixty different legal regulations. He didn’t have a right to a gun. He certainly didn’t have a right to one in Washington, D.C., and he certainly didn’t have a right to shoot anyone.

Second, you’re also going to hear a hue and cry about conservatives. This man certainly wasn’t a conservative. He was just a nut. In fact, apparently, he took issue with George W. Bush and thought that Bush was somehow involved in the 9/11 attacks. That’s just plain nutty.

What we need is control of nuts, not control of America’s guns.

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