New bill cuts lawmaker salaries 10%

Despite Budget Cuts, Legislature Preserves Salaries, Benefits
By Oregon House Republicans,

SALEM”” Rep. Kevin Cameron (R-Salem) and Rep. Vicki Berger (R-Salem) have introduced legislation to reduce legislators’ salaries by 10 percent for the 2009-11 biennium. House Bill 3501 would reduce 2009-11 legislative salaries from $1,801 per month to $1,621 per month, saving $389,000 over the biennium. “During these difficult times leaders must lead by example,” said Rep. Cameron, the Deputy Republican Leader. “Taking a reduction in salary is just one way the Legislature can recognize the challenges that face Oregon families and businesses every day. The savings can be redirected to more urgent needs in the state budget.”

Earlier this session, Rep. Cameron co-sponsored HB 3333 to require legislators, political appointees and statewide elected officials to contribute nine percent towards their premiums. On May 29, majority Democrats rejected bringing HB 3333 to a debate and vote on the House Floor.

“House Republicans believe in putting average Oregonians ahead of the politicians in Salem,” Rep. Cameron said. “With Oregon having the second highest unemployment rate in the nation, legislators should be willing to sacrifice portions of their salaries and benefits that are funded by hard-working taxpayers.”

HB 3501 was referred to the House Rules Committee.