Taxpayer Association Capitol News: Two new tax bills advance

Taxpayer Association of Oregon Tax Alert,

HB 2616: Up in the House today, passed out of House Revenue late last week. Gives local governments the option to tax cigarettes.

HB 2078: Passed out of House Revenue Tuesday, June 16. Another tax bracket adjustment on taxable income for those taxpayers making over $150,000 per year. This bill is similar to the other tax bills in that it is retroactive and applying to the 2009 tax year. The taxpayer making over $150,000 of taxable income will be liable for $13,360 plus 10% of the excess over $150,000.

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  • Jessie

    Anyone who makes that much money can certainly afford these higher taxes.
    People like me need state services – we must do whatever we can to keep them intact.
    Thanks to the lawmakers for caring for people like me who can not care for themselves.

    • Anonymous

      Try getting a job

      • Jessie

        I have tried but all I can do is work at Starbucks 30 hours a week. That is not a living wage. I had to buy a new TV, too, because my old one quit working a few days ago.
        Now I have no money for my health care.
        Won’t someone show some support for us out here?
        Thankfully the legislature is doing just that.

        • Sybella

          You know Jessie, if you were my employee with the attitude you have, I would probably cut your hours more.

          I had an employer once, who told all of us if we wanted to make more money we should work harder and work faster, because I was just another employee with attitude I huffed and puffed with the best of them about the unfairness of it all. I am now an employer and I say to you, if you want more out of life, WORK HARDER, WORK FASTER. I can tell you from experience, you will be happer and more prosperous.

          Don’t believe me, but try it you might like it. I tried it and I like it, I’m happier and can pay my bills now. Sure I work seven days most weeks, but I can stand back and say “I did good”

          Sitting around whining and wanting what the other guy has just makes you unhappy and doesn’t do a thing for the bottom line.

        • Sybella

          Sorry, I forgot to tell you, I only have a high schoold education and no special skills, just a desire to do better for my self.

  • Anon R

    All these new taxes have nothing to do with the great economic positive impact of illegal Immigration.

    Look at California, they’re doing great!

    Hey Hanna & Ferrorili NO thanks for ignoring the truth, but YOU do get to keep your “Cheap” for you only workers.

    • True R

      But then they get to whine about the Democrats increasing taxes and “services” for the “poor”.

      Yes the 2010 elections will be very interesting.

      Hopefully these arrogant pricks will be removed.

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