Poll: Legislature 26%, Governor 37%


Polling from Riley Research,

The Oregon Legislature’s mid-term favorability rating is just 26 percent, with unfavorability ratings at 39 percent and over one-third unsure (35 percent).

Legislative Poll
The Oregon Legislature has been in session since the middle of January and is expected to adjourn in June. Is your opinion of the work of the 2009 legislature so far this session generally favorable or unfavorable? (Somewhat or Very?)

Don’t know/too soon…35

Favorability ratings were highest among:
– Democrats (31 percent)
– Voters under the age of 45 (30 — 36 percent)
– New voters (33 percent)

Unfavorable ratings were highest among:
– Men (47 percent)
– Republicans (59 percent)
– Perennial voters: 4/4 elections (49 percent)

Governor Poll:

The rating for Governor Kulongoski is better than the legislature’s, although down significantly from previous polls, and are the lowest of his term in office.

The governor squeaked out a favorable rating from a majority of just two groups:
– Democrats (50 percent)
– Those age 18-24 (55 percent)

The governor’s unfavorable ratings most often came from: men (47 percent), Republicans (59 percent), and perennial voters: 4/4 elections (49 percent).