Sid Leiken launches high profile campaign against DeFazio

Sid Leiken (candidate for Congress in OR-4) just launched an impressive campaign new website this morning. I say impressive because it looks like we have a candidate who is figuring out technology and how to engage people. Check him out at

He also seems to get what we are all feeling right now: The federal government is spending too much, taking on too much debt, and ensuring that we will all face major tax increases in the future. Here are a couple of excerpts of what Sid has to say:

“I am running for Congress to address the concerns that keep us all awake at night. High unemployment, lower take home pay, rising health care costs, and shrinking retirement accounts have most of us pretty worried about the future. As I hear from people each day these are the concerns that come up over and over again.”

The solution?

“The solutions starts with getting federal spending under control and turning our attention to empowering the private sectors to create jobs.”

On what he has accomplished as Mayor of Springfield — an once timber-dependent town that has really changed its face and diversified itself in recent years:

“We created an environment where private employers found they could create new jobs. That is how you revive our economy — by providing a place where people want to create jobs — not by aimlessly growing the size of our federal government.”

From what I hear this is a site that will continue to build out as the campaign moves forward with more video and video. I also like the fact that you can sign up for text message updates and connect via the various social media tools like twitter and facebook. It is a good sign that this campaign is coming out of the chute strong like this. Go check Sid out.

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  • eagle eye

    He better hope de Fazio runs for governor, then he will have a chance. Otherwise, he is doomed.

  • Voter

    With the Democrats in contol of the government, there will be no better opportunity to knock one off than the 2010 election.

    Especially if the Oregon legislature continues to bleed popularity doing the bidding of its Public Union controllers.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Ok – I am from Springfield and frankly Sid seems like a pretty reasonable guy. I wish him all the best, however I have real worries when it comes to a Republican from western Oregon in congress. Let’s face it, just about any Republican that is hatched in western Oregon will be a moderate. In fact western Oregon Republicans seem to revel in it and moderate Republicans haven’t done the party well at all nationally. Bush 1 and 2? Moderate Republicans who both left office rather ignominiously. Mr. Hair? Gordon Peas? He wanted to be the first Republican out of the box to criticize Bush…. down in flames. Mr. Hair in 08 was the first time I ever voted against a guy. Boy did he deserve it.

    “You made me feel like garbage for that vote Mr. Hair…. I hate you!”

    When were the last times people nationally were really enthused about the Republican party?

    Well, when Reagan won, that’s a no brainer.

    1994, when Republicans recaptured congress after something like 40 years . Whether Newt was a true conservative is debatable, but certainly the Contract with America was portrayed as a horrendous conservative manifesto in the media. People couldn’t wait to vote the Republicans in.

    What got Republicans thrown out of congress? Well, the stupid Mark Foley scandal, but also the overspending. Bush didn’t veto a single spending bill until congress tried expanding SCHIP to people making $100k. Unfortunately by that time the Dems had taken over. Moderate really worked there.

    Bob Dole? Moderate Republican. Who the hell ever thought “Stop Lying About My Record” was a good campaign slogan? Idiot.

    John McCain? Liberal Republican. Gee, people were really enthused with that. Boy, having an incumbent president and the candidate both being the most visible supporters of amnesty really nailed down a lot of votes didn’t it? Oh, and taxing health care as a bonus? Yep, that worked out well.

    You know – two of the shortest lists in the world are “Moments of great romance with Rupert” and “Moderate Republicans who fired up the election”

    In short, the absolute last thing Republicans need is to vote in people who will be inclined to make nice nice with the Democrats. They wandered 40 years in the desert with that strategy and didn’t take congress back until they nationalized elections and ran against a liberal agenda ( the two big things in 1994 that won congress back were Hillary Care and the Assault Weapons ban ).

    I’m real scared a Republican from western Oregon will either be, or turn into, Mr. Moderate. That’s worse than having a Democrat in the slot because all it does is dispirit those Republicans who are trying to run on the only issue that ever got them anywhere, conservatism.

    A few conservative Republicans can take back congress way easier than a lot of moderate Republicans. As a bonus, it actually would mean something. The last thing Republicans would want after the devastation Obamanomics is currently wreaking upon the country is a bunch of moderates who will simply continue turning back the clock, just at a slower pace. My fear is any republican from western Oregon would be just that.

    • eagle eye

      Real conservative Republicans have done so great running against DeFazio, haven’t they? I can’t even remember the names of any of them.

      Maybe Bill Sizemore can be persuaded to move to Lane County?

  • Tatang Sulaeman

    All three are meant to resemble small lighting can fixtures. Besides their small size, the speakers also have a dramatically reduced visible bezel and magnetic grilles.

  • Jaynee Germond

    I will be running a primary against Sid. I will be filing soon.

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