Lars Larson on Wrongful Birth Lawsuits

Did you ever think we’d be talking about a lawsuit for Wrongful Life? It seems amazing. I understand the idea of Wrongful Death lawsuits. Somebody dies. You sue the person who caused the death and say, “That person was special to me. You killed them and took them away from me. I would like some compensation.”

Now we have a lawsuit for Wrongful Life. Parents who visited a doctor and were told it was unlikely they would have a Down syndrome child. Well, they did have a Down syndrome child. Now they say the weight, the burden, of having that child has put a strain on their relationship, a strain on their marriage.

They are going to have to care for that child for the rest of the child’s life, even after the parents are gone. So, they want $14 million from the doctor.

The doctor’s information may have been faulty and imperfect, but the fact is they are the parents. The idea of suing and saying a Down syndrome child is too much of a burden is absurd. I hope the jury rejects it.

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