Oregon State Employees Underpaid

A quick look at the salaries posted on the State of Oregon Jobs page demonstrates clearly that our state workers are grossly underpaid. Here are some examples:

Administrator — Office of Safety & Permanency for Children – $116,000 per year

Corrections Physician Specialist – $208,056 per year

ODOT Project Manager – $82,600 per year

Elections Director – $127,884 per year

Natural Gas Program Manager – $91,020 per year

Senior Policy Analyst — Department of Energy – $71,832 per year

Pharmacist — Oregon State Hospital – $110,592 per year

With wages this low I am not certain these needed positions will even be filled. I call on the governor and the legislature to bump these salaries up to what is more in line with the private sector so we can get quality people in our state positions.