Lawsuit against School Board to save school, allow open debate

This afternoon an injunction has been filed against Hillsboro School District, on behalf of six residents, to stop demolition of Historic JB Thomas Middle School. The School Board has refused to a single hold public meeting on the issue and there is no recorded vote by the Board to approve the decision. The public is angry about the lack of public hearings because the school is a historic school, and citizens find it unnecessary for the School Board to tear down a functioning gym and the area’s largest auditorium at a time when taxpayers are being asked to pay to build new ones. Critics decry that a government entity cannot choose to skip open debate to avoid having to deal with the public.

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  • Anonymous

    The six citizens who filed don’t have two nickles to rub together. IOW, the plaintiffs are a bunch of whiners (including a former mayor) who want the property for free (given to the city from the school district), and no money do do anything with the property.

    What’s “historical” about the building is only in their imaginations. IOW, there are NO legal historical designations.

    The public at large are not “angry” and in fact don’t give a shit!

    • capor

      “The public at large are not “angry” and in fact don’t give a ****!”

      Aren’t you just precious. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
      Well idiot, I AM ANGRY and I do care very much regardless of what school district is responsible for this type of activity. You have missed the most important point in the statement of casual board positions on the matters of public responsibility!

      No keeper of the public trust should be allowed to disregard public debate over public concerns. If in fact no hearings were held and there are concerned citizens that have opinion and interests in the actions of the school district then they should pursur their day in court! And what about a school district superintendant that pursues such operations as a disposal of a public property without the recorded action or direction by their board? Doesn’t any of this concern you?

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