Lars Larson on Baby Sales in Oregon

I’ll bet you didn’t know that it’s legal to sell a baby in the state of Oregon.

If you want to know how screwed up the State of Oregon can be, just consider a man who was just released from custody with charges dropped. He persuaded a judge that when he tried to sell his girlfriends unborn baby, he wasn’t really breaking the law. And it’s true. He wasn’t.

We’ve seen the ugliest side of this in the death of Heather Sniveley and her unborn baby, John Steven. That little boy was not born yet. He hadn’t drawn a breath, so when he was murdered the State of Oregon says it wasn’t a murder.

In a different case altogether, down in the valley in Albany, a man was accused of trying to negotiate the sale of his girlfriend’s baby for a $1,000 and a pickup truck. The judge had to accept his argument. Because of the pro-abortion crowd, who won’t give an inch on anything, it’s not illegal under Oregon state law to sell an unborn child.

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  • Jerry

    I strongly suspect that if it is legal to murder an unborn baby in Oregon then it would be legal to sell it, as well.
    Oregon’s slogan perhaps need some work. How about Oregon: We kill or sell all unwanted babies.

  • Richard Germond

    Here is an Oregon motto: Give us your poor and illegal; we will feed and shelter them. Give us your weak, unborn or old, we will kill them. Oregon- the Progressive State.

  • Jerry

    Oregon: Land of the Living Dead.

  • Joanne Rigutto

    Given the way I’ve heard this story reported, it sounds like he was looking for compensation to get him to surrender his parental rights, he wasn’t actually selling the baby. I don’t think it’s illegal in Oregon to sell parental rights.

  • Anonymous

    You guys ought to check out the Oregon DHS website and look at all the pictures of kids that are up for sale to the highest bidder.

    • Joanne Rigutto

      Speaking of which, don’t adoption agencies sell babies too? Oh, pardon me, my mistake, those are handling fees, administrative fees, processing fees, so on and so forth. My mistake…..

      • Anonymous

        Does that make it right for the state to do the same. After all, these kids arent just orphans. They in many cases were taken forcibly from their homes, many times because of perceived problems.

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