Government & public employee union lobbyists are top spenders


by NW Spotlight

Queenie Wong at the Salem Statesman Journal put together a great list yesterday of the top lobbying spenders during this year’s Oregon legislative session. With the government’s own lobbyists and public employee union lobbyists dominating the top 10 spenders, no wonder government keeps growing!

Top lobbying spenders (January-June)

1. Oregon Health & Science University: $324,104.99
2. Oregon Education Association: $297,901
3. Oregon American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 75: $273,713.67
4. League of Oregon Cities: $241,739.59
5. Office of the Governor: $227,943.25
6. Altria Client Services, Inc. & Affiliates: $211,238
7. Special Districts Association of Oregon: $206,000
8. Service Employees International Union Local 503, Oregon Public Employees Union: $198,419.39
9. City of Portland: $191,094.35
10. Oregon Nurses Association: $175,608.18

SOURCE: Client/Employer Quarterly Expenditure reports submitted to the Oregon Government Ethics Commission (list from the Statesman Journal)

(h/t Richard Leonetti)

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  • .

    Bill Sizemore was right about what’s left of common sensibility.

    Interesting, FDR foresaw what was looming attending collective bargaining and conscription of dues from closed shop succors.

  • Bob Clark

    These government monopoly, rent seeking agencies and interests wouldn’t be so concerning if there were stricter constitutional limits on government’s ability to tax, borrow, spend and regulate. Oregon and the nation need stricter limits, for one, on the ability of government to take property from the individual. In total, government taxation and incremental borrowing summed across all levels of government should be held to less than a third of all income creation at the national level, averaged over a rolling period of years. When times are good, excess revenues accumulate to a ‘down-economy’ reserve fund. When the economy does hit a significant down cycle, these reserves are then tapped. This removes a good part of the continual push to up government’s dominance over the entire economy. This would effectively limit the amount these rent seeking agencies and interests could get by buying off our politicians and electorate.
    At the very least, there should be a constitutional definition of what constitutes government confiscation, and limits to confiscation prescribed constitutionally. This would provide the private sector, a Nike like level of tax certainty, and result in a greater pace of economic growth; which would actually end up creating even greater public funds to provide a “tough love” social safety net.

  • God save our former scene

    Put all the Obamacysts in a longboat and shippem ashore in (Kenya believe) – the Narcissist Marxist repugnant of Barry Soetoro!

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