Oregon needs more shooting ranges

by George Pitts, Chairman, Oregon Association of Shooting Ranges

This story aired on Portland’s Channel 8 (KGW) this past week.  Out-of-control and irresponsible shooting is a huge safety issue in multi-use forested areas, and it reflects badly on responsible law-abiding shooters who use safe ranges.

Yet, the environmental lobby apposed the Oregon Assn. of Shooting Ranges’ efforts (SB 713) to open-up land use zoning to allow more safe, controlled shooting ranges.  Currently a “Firearms Training Facility” is only permitted on Exclusive Forestry zoned land, making it nearly impossible to build additional ranges in the Willamette Valley.

The opportunity to open Exclusive Agriculture lands to allow for Firearms Training Facilities was blocked in our last legislative session.  Perhaps if more Oregon legislators see this video, they may also recognize the need for safe, controlled, environmentally responsible ranges and support our efforts in February.

Please share this video with your state senators and representatives.