Lars Larson on What Compensation is Due a Not Guilty Man

So what happens when a not-guilty man goes to prison? Is he due some compensation?

It’s a fascinating case out of Chicago. A jury decided to give a man $21 million. He’d spent about ten years behind bars for a crime he apparently didn’t commit or at least couldn’t be lawfully convicted of, and there is a big difference.

First I want to find out whether or not the man was actually guilty of the crime. I want to know whether he was not guilty, or just not able to be prosecuted because the police screwed up and did some things they shouldn’t have done.

I agree, the man is due some kind of compensation but in this case the jury decided to give him $21 million. This is a former gang-banger. He spent ten years, or so, behind bars. Now he’s going to get paid $2 million a year for his trouble.

I think he should get something, but $2 million a year for a former gang-banger, that’s a little bit high to me.

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