Lars Larson on What Compensation is Due a Not Guilty Man

So what happens when a not-guilty man goes to prison? Is he due some compensation?

It’s a fascinating case out of Chicago. A jury decided to give a man $21 million. He’d spent about ten years behind bars for a crime he apparently didn’t commit or at least couldn’t be lawfully convicted of, and there is a big difference.

First I want to find out whether or not the man was actually guilty of the crime. I want to know whether he was not guilty, or just not able to be prosecuted because the police screwed up and did some things they shouldn’t have done.

I agree, the man is due some kind of compensation but in this case the jury decided to give him $21 million. This is a former gang-banger. He spent ten years, or so, behind bars. Now he’s going to get paid $2 million a year for his trouble.

I think he should get something, but $2 million a year for a former gang-banger, that’s a little bit high to me.

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  • Bob

    If Lars ever bothered to read up on a subject before he bloviated about it, he would know the answers to all of his questions:

    1) One jury found him not guilty of the murder. He didn’t get off on a technicality — witnesses testified that a Chicago Police Officer intimidated them into perjuring themselves during the first trial.

    2) A SECOND jury found he was framed for the murder. That second jury is the one that awarded him $21 million from the City of Chicago for allowing the officer to frame him.

    3) A THIRD jury also found he was framed for the murder, and awarded him $15,000 from the officer who framed him.

    Let’s review: THREE SEPARATE JURIES have agreed that this isn’t a technicality — it’s a bad cop who framed a man for murder.

    $21 million may be a bit much for a former gang-banger, but it’s an excellent deterrent for police agencies and cities to root out bad apples who abuse their power and are a threat to all of our freedom.


    • Robert Dorneau

      What does it matter what Lars has to say? He is a hack radio guy who should have stayed in TV where his rather large jowls could be covered by makeup.
      There is a much better radio show coming out of Salem on 1430AM.
      Much higher quality and much more entertaining.

  • dartagnan

    First, Lars, have you ever heard of a concept called “the presumption of innocence”?

    Second, how much money would you take in exchange for spending 10 years of your life in prison?

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