Art Robinson is the new ORP Chair

Art Robinson

by NW Spotlight

Word is coming out of the Oregon Republican convention in Bend that Art Robinson has been voted in as the new Oregon Republican Party Chair, replacing Suzanne Gallagher.

Art ran for ORP Chair in February of this year and has run twice for U.S. Congress against Rep. Peter Defazio.

The Oregonian is also reporting that Art Robinson has been elected ORP Chair.

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  • JackLordGod

    A largely ceremonial post, the chair of the Republican Party in Oregon comes complete with sash and braided gold rope thing to wrap around the epaulet and under the armpit, it sets off the ten pounds of medals on the chest in Idi Amin fashion.

    It would be nice if the Republican party of Oregon could figure out a more libertarian stance towards homosexuality and marijuana might be a good first step.

    Until then forget about pushing issues that matter, such as a better business climate, making our schools highest priority education rather than PERS.

    Will they get it? I doubt it. Art Robinson is a very smart man. I read his campaign book. Get out of issues that don’t matter. Gay people getting married wont make the earth spin off its axis and some nitwit growing “hemp” in his closet doesn’t mean jack. Fixate on those issues and watch the other side just shovel money to union fat cats with one hand, and down the toilet with the other.

  • anon

    Good grief. Talk about a gift to the Democrats. Robinson advocates for eliminating social security, public education, and even sprinkling diluted nuclear waste over north america and putting it into the foundation of our homes or into our drinking water so that people could benefit from its “mutagenic effects”. Every Republican candidate in every swing district is going to have to run away from this crazy person and the party that elected him to lead it. Basically, what he offers the GOP is a nuttier version of the Constitution Party platform.

  • labman57

    “Robinson, a (bio)chemist and outspoken skeptic of human-caused global warming … ”

    One must be cautious about viewing a list of scientists proclaiming that manmade climate change is a fallacy and using that as the primary basis for your counter-argument.

    One of the great misconceptions of the scientifically-illiterate is the assumption that every scientist is an expert in all areas of science, somewhat akin to the Professor on Gilligan’s Island.

    The “expert” opinions of scientists who study celestial mechanics, or nuclear chemistry, or plate tectonics are not going to have the same gravitas as the conclusions of scientists who actually have spent their careers studying atmospheric chemistry or climatology.

    It would be no different than if you had been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, and so you sought out the expertise of several oncologists and neurosurgeons to discuss your options … but then a couple of proctologists overhearing the conversations gave their two cents and insisted that their opinions carried as much weight as those of the consulted doctors.

    It would make no sense to give much credence to the advise given by the proctologists … unless your head was lodged up your ass.

    • DavidAppell

      What a reasonable comment. On OC. Wow.

  • Bob Clark

    Art Robinson running for governor would make for an opportunity to debate climate change. The country and western states like Oregon really have not had a Lincoln-Douglas like debate on man made global warming; and such debate is long overdue. Instead climate change’s political push is largely something driven in the backrooms of government, governments continually pushing to expand their domains.
    So, I am not sure Art Robinson is serving his proper role as a chair of the GOP. I think he should make a stab at running for governor if only to have important debates. Really, the defining issue between Democrat and GOP can be reduced to the size and scope of government; and it is obvious Democrats seek to continually expand the role of government (generally speaking); while I find the GOP still doesn’t want to take up the mantle of stabilizing government size and scope. The latter may not be the best political strategy but I think it best for the country over the long term to have such basic alternatives.

    • DavidAppell

      Art Robinson running for governor would make for an opportunity to debate climate change.

      I so, so wish that could happen. The anti-science party would be fully exposed for what it really is: a prescription to live back in the Dark Ages.

  • DavidAppell

    This is great news for the other side… you people just can’t get rid of this wacko, can you?

    • David Johnson

      I bet you live in either Portland or Eugene.

      • .

        DA admits to being inSaneALEM now.

        • Francis Pettygrove

          Mommy must have finally kicked him out.

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