HB2414: the Legal Definition of a Fraud

By Russ Walker, FreedomWorks.org

Oregon’s Democrat leaders are attempting to overturn 100 years of a Referendum process in Oregon and are violating the Oregon Constitution. HB2414 changes the language on any Referendum sent to the people, so that a Yes vote will really mean No and vice versa. There can be no way to explain the reasoning for this than to state the obvious, the Democrats in the Oregon Legislature have willfully and intentionally mislead the voters to create an outcome they desire. By legal definition, that deception is fraud.

The Initiative and Referendum processes are a part of the Oregon Constitution. Illegality aside, to imagine they would pass an amendment that sets aside the Constitutional laws of this state without even a wink or a nod to the citizens of this state is simple, arrogant hubris. If you want names, here’s a few: Speaker of the House, Dave Hunt; President of the Senate, Peter Courtney; Senate Majority Leader, Mary Nolan; the Co-Chairs of the Joint Ways and Means Committee, Representative Peter Buckley and Senator Margaret Carter, and all the Democrat members of the Ways and Means Committee who voted “Aye”.

The news spread like wildfire across Oregon, the outcry from the public was loud and clear. Within the walls of the Capitol there were two Statesmen that deserve special commendation for their diligence in fighting for fairness in the voting process, Rep. Matt Wingard and Senator Larry George.

Thanks to those many voices across Oregon who made the calls and sent the email, the bill has been pulled, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. The Democrats will stop at nothing to protect their massive tax increases and we intend to keep a close watch out for their next move. Not until sine die will this issue be dead. If its ugly head should resurface, we have the lawsuits ready to be filed.