Governor Palin to step down as Governor

Without reason Governor Palin’s office has announced that she will step down on July 26. She says she is returning to private life.

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  • wnd

    It’s a daggone disappointment. To say the least, Sarah Palin has more smarts, charisma, chutzpah and common sense than Nancy Pelosi and that’s the truth.

  • Jerry

    Agreed. She does not deserve the contempt from the left.

  • No she doesn’t deserve the contempt she receives. The left reminds me of jr high boys who just discovered girls have boobs

  • eagle eye

    Is she about to be indicted? Does she have intractable family problems? Does she think this is going to help her get elected President? If the latter, it shows more of the erratic judgment she has become known for.

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      • eagle eye

        You mean the one about boobs? What do boobs have to do with it? It seems to me she was pretty good at flaunting her stuff in her expensive outfits. Is she quitting because the boys were mean to her, or something?

        If her idea in quitting is that it’s going to advance her political career, I just plain think she’s nuts.

        • Boobs have nothing to do with it. It’s the stupid little boys

          • eagle eye

            If she can’t take the taunts from the boys — and the girls like Maureen Dowd and Katie Couric, too — then she’s not man enough to be president.

            I guess they’ll have to try again with Mitt Romney or something.

          • They remind me of the little boys too

  • valley person

    “She says she is returning to private life.”

    Dare we hope?

  • eagle eye

    Here’s the lowdown from Mark Steyn — not exactly a leftie, though I would guess he thinks about boobs from time to time.

    His prognosis for the future — last paragraph if you go to the link — rather depressing.

    Cutting bait [Mark Steyn]

    As a political move for anything other than the 2010 Senate race, today’s announcement is a disaster. And I’m not sure it’s a plus for the Senate – and, even if it were, the manner and timing suggest it was not a professionally planned event and therefore is unlikely to have any grand strategy behind it.

    • valley person

      You are being too rational Eagle. Palin is all about the irrational side of politics. There is a segment of the public that identifies with her and will defend her to the death. She embodies their frustrations with the “elite,” big government, and so forth. No one could listen to her resignation anouncement and hear a single coherant sentence let alone any logic. But that does not matter to tens of millions. Which means that, unfortunately she may go away for a short time, but she will be back and the crowds will re-assemble to follow her right over a cliff if that is where she takes them (and us).

      McCain, that true blue patriot, unleashed her on us. God help us all now.

      • valley person

        I meant to add that she is basically the Aimee Semple McPherson of our era. Faith over logic wrapped in charisma.

      • eagle eye

        I voted for McCain, somewhat against my better judgment. (But I wasn’t about to vote for Obama).

        Still, the treatment of Palin has been nauseating, especially the David Letterman stuff. I have nothing but contempt for the professional liberals who let him get away with that, who not-so-secretly think it was funny as hell. And that includes most professional liberals. They just make me sick, more than ever.

        Actually, I consider Palin and Obama to have a lot in common — narcissistic, incredibly conceited about their very modest abilities, arrogant in thinking they are up to the job of being President. Extremely devious, self-centered, probably clinically sociopathic. Obama is proving worse than my worst fears. I can’t believe all the supposedly intelligent people who have fallen for his fakery. I see them as a kind of mirror image of the Republicans who fell for Palin. Hopefully he will crash in the polls soon, before he does too much more damage.

  • Jerry

    Eye – I am with you on this one. How Obama can fool anyone is beyond my ability to comprehend. He will go down as a worse president than Carter – and that’s not easy!!

    • Scottiebill

      He is already on his way to that dubious, but well-deserved, distinction, Jerry. By the time 2012 rolls around, he will have made Carter look like a f*****g prince.

  • Voter

    I’d do her!

  • UB

    Would prefer to see Sarah Palin , not Mark Begich in the US Senate. Would be a great offset to the Jeff Merkley doggone phony show.

  • eagle eye

    Federal indictment? I raised the possibility above. Then I came across this — is there anything to it?

    The Post-Chronicle today reports, however, that Sarah Palin is facing an imminent federal indictment connected to embezzlement and fraud. If true, a federal indictment for Sarah Palin would seriously impede her ability to effectively manage the governorship and would destroy her presidential hopes.

    The pending federal indictment stems back to Sarah Palin’s term as Wasilla’s mayor. Federal investigators are looking into the construction of a $12.5 million sports and recreation complex approved by Palin in her last term. Investigators are focusing on claims that the cost of the complex was inflated in order to provide free materials and construction labor to Sarah and Todd Palin for their home. The issue has been investigated since last October and reports say that a federal indictment will be levied on Sarah Palin soon.

    • valley person

      I suspect the indictment thing is just a rumor and nothing more. I think former Governor Palin sees a lot of money and adoration for her in the lower 48 so she is headed south for a while to get it while the getting is good.

      As for her presidential prospects, if Obama crashes and burns, any Republican will be able to win in 2012. If not, then pretty much any Republican will lose. I’m hoping she is out of politics just in case Obama does crash and burn. I’d much rather have a Romney or even Huckabee if it comes to that.

  • Voter

    As proven by the false case against Sen. Stevens that was thrown out once the prosecutors illegal activities were discovered: It doesn’t matter whether its true or not or hether you win the case or not, it only matters if that were indicted.

    Like the saying goes : You can indict a ham sandwiche.

    While Eagle Eye seems to be drooling over the chance that more is heaped on Palin’s plate, he doesn’t speak for most Americans. As a liberal he is a typical cruel minded, child like, sorry excuse for a human being who relishes the misery of others. A truly pathetic human being who deserves our pity not our scorn. He can’t help the way he is, it was bred into him during a life of unhappiness and depression. Now as he looks back he’s figured out that he has accomplished nothing of any importance in his life and is left to attack anybody that has taken the time out of their lives to try and make a difference.

    • eagle eye

      Gee, all I asked was “is there anything to it?” I didn’t expect to get my life history posted here! Your big heart really comes through, “sorry excuse for a human being”, this is typical Oregon conservative charm. And I have to agree, Sen. Stevens is a great poster boy for the Repbulican party, we Republicans (yes, I am one, and I did hold my nose and vote, barely, for McCain/Palin) need more like him. Let’s hope Sarah Palin’s future in public life is as promising as his!

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Boy, remember all the Booo Hooooing when anyone even mentioned BO’s middle name? Or belly aching if one makes fun of Micheles frequent expensive fashion faux pas?

    Now we are supposed to believe Palin is a wimp if she couldn’t take it and resigns.

    Seems to me a bunch of cry babies now being all butch about someone not being able to take it is a little ludicrous.

    She decided to resign, after the kind of BS she has been put through it would seem absolutely classless not have some measure of understanding for why.

    I was at a July fourth party last night. It was populated entirely by left wing wackos who were all on about Palin. Now, its a given that when you are in a left wing crowd, you are among the most intolerant people in the world. I mean if you are even the wrong religion they will think they have carte blanche to mock you. It’s really just astonishing. I usually don’t participate beyond just asking what policy issues they have disagreement with, in thids case with Palin. I never got any. They didn’t like her voice, or her preachy tone, or the “you betcha’s”. Real deep stuff to be sure, but one I am thankful is more often identified as associated with the left, than the right.

    • valley person

      “I usually don’t participate beyond just asking what policy issues they have disagreement with, in thids case with Palin.”

      I would have trouble with that question as well. What national policies is Palin for or against? Don’t just repeat her generalities, like she is against “big government” (which, being from Alaska, the biggest government state in the union, does not mean much anyway). What is it about big government she wants to end or cut back? What wars does she want us to fight? What exactly is her energy policy beyond opening up the Arctic Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling?

      “Now we are supposed to believe Palin is a wimp if she couldn’t take it and resigns.”

      Put it this way. She was not dealt out any more crap than Hillary was over the years, and Hillary got up off the floor and stayed in the fight. If you want in on national politics, you had darn well be prepared for what is coming your way. I don’t think she was. It is no shame on her if she decided this wasn’t for her. But if she wants to lead then she can’t be a quitter.

      • eagle eye

        I agree about her not getting more than Hillary, up to the point where they started bringing up the stuff about sex with her daughter. That was way over the line.

        • valley person

          Its all over the line. All the personal stuff that is. Chelsea jokes were daily fare in the 90s.

          But the larger point is, a lot of crap is going to get thrown at anyone who seeks high office. If she is in the game, she has to be able deal with it. If she can’t or doesn’t want to, then a more private life is best for her. But I don;t think that is what this is about. I think she is going to cash in on her 15 minutes and then maybe run for president. Alaska got too small for her ambitions. I’d wish her luck, but I don’t want her in the white house.

          • bottom liner

            Nobody was making jokes about Chelsea getting raped by baseball players, or anyone else. Not when she was 14, not later.

          • Rupert in Springfield

            The bottom line is it gets a little childish if your defense of the onslaught that Palin had to deal with comes down to two things:

            1 – Gee, I don’t know why I hate her, I just do, so, rather than deal with the question what policies of hers do you hate I think I will ask you what policies of hers you support.


            2 – Well, Hillary suffered just as much.

            Both are pure Dean hogwash because he is trying to divert from the fact that we are talking about Palin, not Hillary, and to my knowledge the only criticism Chelsea suffered from conservatives was once, when Rush had his TV show, and that was a big too do that was apologized for incessantly by Rush at the time.

            Lets face it, for whatever slings and arrows Hillary got, she got a million passes. “gee, I just found these in the map room was a standard comedy joke for six months running.

            The fact of the matter is, if you are going to run around saying you can’t stand Sarah Palin, you had better have a reason other than “well, why do you like her?”.

            That’s not a reason, that’s simply a Dean Weasel.

            I merely recounted my situation at a party, I wasn’t saying a thing about Palin one way or the other, thus I have nothing to defend. If all you can do is come up with a Dean Weasel – “gee, Ill try and deflect from my stupid comment by asking why you like her” expect me to start making you look like Dean at a party real quick.

          • valley person

            But I don’t hate her. I just don’t want her as my president or vice president. I didn’t run around saying I can’t stand her. Where do you get this stuff from Rupert? You just attribute whatever you want to whomever you want in order to have an argument with yourself about liberals?

            You are the one who said you asked people what policies of hers they don’t like. Now you can’t or won’t even name a single policy that she even holds.

            I’ll give you 3 policies of hers that I agree with:
            1: Raising taxes on the oil companies who pump and transport American oil in Alaska
            2: “Sharing the wealth” generated by this tax raise by sending every Alaskan a $3000 check.
            3: Cleaning up Republican political corruption in Alaska

            Beyond those policies, which she ran on and implemented with more Democratic than Republican support in her state legislature, I have no idea what her policy positions are. Do you?

    • dartagnan

      Rupe, if Sarah doesn’t have the mental and emotional toughness to withstand a little ridicule, how in the hell would she stand up under the pressure of the toughest job in the world?

      However I don’t believe that was Sarah’s real reason for bugging out. Some really big-time scandal is going to break in a matter or days, or weeks. She has been abusing her office for personal gain ever since she became governor.

  • Anonymous

    My hope would be for Palin to Lead the Republican rejection of Global Warming and the left wing fanatasism it represents.
    The left would come unhinged and their hate would reach a crescendo about the same time the AGW movement collapses leaving her as the only leader who took on the fraud for what it was.

  • John in Oregon

    One should take care making assumptions about Palin for any number of reasons. I can think of three good ones.

    Someone here mentioned a column by Mark Steyn (and National Review). That is a good starting point. Charles Krauthammer made similar comments.

    A response I saw to Krauthammer (Steyn for that matter) began “I admire Charles Krauthammer and usually agree with his take on the issues of the day, but”. Couldn’t you just see that BUT coming?

    The writer at Free Republic captured the essence with this. “Charles Krauthammer is a brilliant writer, and a very perceptive analyst. He’s also a denizen of the Beltway, which inevitably alters his perceptions. He lives and works at the very heart of the machinery of the superstate. If you’ve never been to Washington D.C., I highly recommend making the trip someday. Besides the wonderful sightseeing opportunities and museums, you’ll also gain a sense of how much pure power hums in the air, radiating from the massive government buildings, and refined by the monuments to great moments in our nation’s history. Washington has a sense of both age and modernity. You can see both the past and the future from the Mall.”

    By the way the other end of the power teeter totter is Times Square. Every bit the same bubble that separates its denizens from the real world that people inhabit.

    One thing is clear Sarah Palin is not from inside the beltway or any of the various State capitol versions of the same. “The Beltway romance with the Wilsonian ideal of the professor President, acting as an elected philosopher-king to solve all of the nation’s problems from his Washington palace, is increasingly divorced from reality.”

    A second factor is the progressive tactic of “Future Destruction”. Probably no better example exists than Miguel Estrada. An outstanding scholar and example of personal success Estrada was an excellent nomination. Progressive Senator Edward Kennedy never questioned Estradas qualifications agreeing they were excellent. Senator Kennedy’s campaign rally was destroy the man and stop the Supreme Court nomination.

    I hasten here to defend liberals JFK and RFK who would not have condoned these kinds of actions.

    On November 5th, 2008 Palin was old news. Yet just weeks ago an aging comic giggles about the rape of Palin’s 14 year old daughter on national TV. Palin’s daughter is a free fire zone as a national joke for the same dirty old comic who’s claws would come out insisting that Chelsea Clinton and the Obama girls are off limits. Note, this dirty old comic is firmly inside the Times Square bubble.

    Finally consider this application of the Cloward-Piven Strategy at an individual level. Developed in the 1960s as a method to destroy free governments and capitol markets by overloading the government and the social fabric with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into constant crisis and collapse.

    Noting about the last 8 months of full throated hysteria suggests anything less than the need to stop any voice outside the beltway. I don’t know what Palin has in mind, but the beltway is the last place I would look for direction.

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