Two Colorado Dem gun-control state senators recalled


by NW Spotlight

Colorado voters recalled two Democratic senators yesterday who had voted for unpopular gun control measures this year.

State Sen. Angela Giron and Senate President John Morse, both Democrats, are the first state lawmakers in Colorado state history to ever be recalled. They were replaced by Republicans George Rivera and Bernie Herpin.

The recalls follow a series of missteps by Colorado Democrats, some of which made national news. Two different Colorado legislative Democrats (Sen. Evie Hudak and Rep. Joe Salazar) publicly belittled rape victims during testimony on gun control, and a Colorado Democratic congresswoman embarrassed herself nationally by demonstrating her ignorance of what an ammunition magazine was – something she did feel qualified to promote legislation on even though she clearly had no idea what it was.

The Denver Post noted “The recall could have a chilling effect in other states, where Democrats have been encouraged by President Barack Obama to pass controls on guns, including background checks, limits on ammunition magazines and other measures.”

Dems outspent Republicans: The Denver Post reported on Monday that Democrats had outspent Republicans by more than 5-to-1: “Proponents of the recall have raised about $540,000, while opponents have collected nearly $3 million. Much of the cash has come from out of state.”

Both districts were overwhelmingly Democratic: John Lott, writing in the National Review, noted that “Both state-senate districts were overwhelmingly Democratic. In 2012, President Obama carried Morse’s district by 21 percentage points and Giron’s by 19 points.”

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  • JackLordGod

    This was a really amazing victory. I was watching the returns on this last night. I think by around 9.30PM our time Morse had conceded. To me that was the more winnable of the two and and that time Giron seemed safe. She is from a heavily D district and even though it is a conservative D, she looked like she would survive. What a surprise she went down to more of a loss than Morse by morning.

    The other great thing about this win is that it came in spite of being heavily outspent (almost 10-1) by anti 2A groups.

    Hopefully this will send a message to others who hop on a bandwagon to promote feel good legislation at the expense of everyone’s rights. You do so at your peril.

    • common tater

      More up-votes are likely to occur here and be identified, kinda – yet down voters are masked for some obscure reason.
      Please explain that OC.

      • Lulzpdx

        If you look, you’ll see that they’re not identified, unless you are singed in. Or your name is Guest Votes. So I’m don’t entirely understand your problem. Why do you care?

        • c t

          Should there NOTnot be some transparency attending both up and down votes or do you prefer covertness that mostly bedecks naysayers usually sporting left wing liberal ID’s?

          • Lulzpdx

            I guess it really depends on what the transparency is need for. You actually have to log into an account in order to vote down a post; the same is not true of voting up a post. I would guess that most of the upvoters are conservatives? In the end, what is the difference?

            If you want better transparency, don’t you think having to log in to do either would be better? Some sites require you to have a Facebook, Gmail, or other types of accounts before you can even comment. If transparency is important to you, why post under a pseudonym? In fact, you posted under two different pseudonyms.

            I’ve noticed that most of the down voting appears to be targeted at, by any definition of the word, a troll. I can’t say I disagree with those down votes. The troll really doesn’t add anything to the discussion on the site.

          • c t

            Indeed, a couple of trolls have down-voted on comments. Likely a pair of warty noses renown for their hell raising left wing abridgments. What their monikers are, alas or unfortunately, OC resists disclosure. .

          • lulzpdx

            I think we’re talking about different people. 😉 I’m talking about the one that has been repeatedly down voted: the commentator who doesn’t make sense, and who seems to revel in being insulting? If anyone deserves a down vote, that person does. They seem to enjoy coming into the forums and throwing up all over everything.

            As for transparency, take a look at the upvotes for Jack. He has four upvotes, and there is no way to tell who voted his comments up. How is that any different?

            I think you’re look for a problem to fit your solution? I just can’t wrap my head around why having partial transparency is so important.

          • oy vey iz mir

            The commentator who doesn’t make sense on a level-may-care parlaying field?

            Who might that be considering the udder blather teated out milky sways from Dem ocialist circumven-trolls – you know, the left wing drollery slobbering nonsense all over OC’s commoner sense rolls?

          • lulzpdx

            Yes, this is exactly what I’m talking about.

      • For whatever reason, that’s just the way Disqus (commenting software) has it set up, there isn’t an option to change it:

        • c t

          Thanks for the clarification. Sadly, revealing the I
          ID’s of down-voting ‘naysayers’ remains not so succinct able

        • .

          NSA again?

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