$25,000 School Chief Bonus Raising Questions

The North Clackamas School Board is paying Superintendent Ron Naso a $25,000 stipend for extra work. Superintendent Ron Naso, also member of the “Quality Education Commission” who concocted the QEM (Quality Education Model) which says (without any basis), that another couple billion for K-12 will have 95% of all students meeting State benchmarks. Benchmarks derived from a State Assessment System the feds deemed inadequate for testing students.

Naso has long been a champion of Oregon’s assessment system which is centerpiece of our failed CIMCAM school reform. CIM/CAM has devoured countless millions over the past 15 years with nothing to show for it.
Yet Naso lined up to provide testimony of widespread CIMCAM success at every attempt to repeal the reform.

Naso stopped at nothing to pitch for the establishment educrats at the Oregon Department of Education. Naso claim that CIMCAM costs were insignificant was among his bigger stretches. But in his finest hour as a school district superintendent and advocate for the status quo Naso took it a far beyond cheer leading.

Naso, seeing less than impressive State CIM success at North Clackamas High Schools, decided to create a different new NC CIM (Certificate of Initial Mastery).

This new district CIM, created by Naso, was so watered down that every single graduate earned one regardless of GPA or any other performance measurement. Of course the touting of his “district CIM” success included inferences that the State CIM should follow suit with easing of difficulty and standards to bring about completely fabricated success and leaving the public being duped.

Today as Naso receives his $25 stipend on top of his $141K salary he’ll be working closely with various education “stakeholders” on advising the public on various voting decisions this November. His advice, along with his fellow “stakeholders” should be taken with full consideration of what they told us about CIMCAM and the road to “world class high standards”.