Front page: Special session “Behind closed doors” taxes

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The Taxpayer Association was quoted on the front page of the Oregonian today on Kitzhaber’s new tax plan on how it is being crafted behind closed doors:

“Kitzhaber had an entire legislative session to do something and he took a nap and he wakes up after session,” said Jason Williams, co-founder of the Oregon Taxpayers Association. “He’s going to make a deal behind closed doors when taxpayers are going to be denied a chance to testify.”

There appears to be an income tax increase through removing deductions, a business tax increase and raising tobacco taxes.   Making PERS changes, small business tax reduction and GMA farming provision are also in the mix.   Then again, none of this may happen or we may face a tax twice as high because gigantic tax decisions are occurring behind closed doors.   This special session is not “special” it is a “secret” session lacking transparency and citizen participation.  This is among the worst type of legislating.

If creating tax schemes behind closed doors angers you, please do something about it.

You can call your lawmaker toll-free at 1-800-332-2313 to oppose the Sept. 30th Tax Session (when you call ask to speak to your State Representative and they will direct you).  Tell them you oppose the “secret” Special tax Session and creating taxes behind closed doors.

Please make a donation to the Taxpayer Association of Oregon so we can alert more taxpayers through social media, postcards and email.  Act soon- — Sept 30th is almost here.