Lars Larson: Obama and Staged Press Appearances

By Lars Larson,

What does it mean when the White House starts staging press events and even the guests and the sob stories in the audience? There’s a problem in the White House right now of “staging”. The stagecraft that is being employed by the Obama administration is amazing. They arrange for ABC to give up its journalistic integrity by staging a “Town Hall on Health Care” in the White House and ABC signs up. They arrange for a woman to show up for an event in Florida months ago to tell her sob story to the audience. We found out later the story has some holes in it.

Now, more recently, a woman showed up at a Town Hall on Health Care and she tearfully talks about her experience with cancer and her lack of health care insurance. It turns out she is a volunteer for the Obama campaign. The White House is going to have to be careful about this kind of thing. Even the lap dog mainstream media is starting to ask tough questions about how well they are being managed by the Obama White House. The folks who read, and watch, and listen to them should be asking the same kinds of questions.