Lars Larson on Porkchops

Let’s talk about tying a pork chop around Oregon’s neck to get the dog to play with it.

I don’t think Oregon is all that ugly, but as a business climate we’ve become pretty ugly. That’s why we lost that flight to Frankfurt on Lufthansa. It is why the Port of Portland’s Bill Wyatt is concerned about losing the flights to Tokyo on Delta.

So what does Bill Wyatt suggest? Take $3.5 million of public money and spend it. Hand it over to Delta Airlines and say, “Please keep flying those empty airplanes back and forth and we’ll give you free money from the taxpayers”. I think it’s a lousy idea.

If you want to get more people on airplanes to make the airplanes profitable in and out of Oregon, make Oregon business friendly. You’ll have plenty of people flying on airplanes.

Giving away $3.5 million of taxpayer cash just to get an airplane to fly empty seats in and out of Portland is crazy. It’s the usual government nonsense we’ve become used to in this state.

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  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t expect anything less from (Wyatt) John Kitzhaber’s buddy. Would you?

  • Britt Storkson

    Government on all levels has degenerated into one big payoff scam. Money is taken by force from people who earned it and given to (payoffs) people who didn’t earn it.

    How is it ever right, just or moral to take money by force from those who earned it a give it to those who didn’t earn it even if their “need” is life threatening?

  • Joe

    Port of Portland is a joke. These people could not possibly get real jobs in the private sector if their lives depended on it. Seriously.

  • Scottiebill

    And don’t forget that Portland, and Oregon, is raising taxes on anyone and everyone who owns a business, regardless of its size or annual income, effectively forcing more and more of those businesses to leave for friendlier places. It is no wonder that Lufthansa is pulling out.

    • valley person

      “as a business climate we’ve become pretty ugly”

      Oregon has among the lowest taxes on business in the nation.

      “Port of Portland is a joke. These people could not possibly get real jobs in the private sector ”

      Like at GM? AIG? Enron? Leman Brothers? Countrywide? Wachovia? The Madoff Investment fund? What is it aobut the private sector that you hold in such esteem? It is populated by the same flawed humans who work for the public sector, many going back and forth over the years. Grow up Joe.

      “It is no wonder that Lufthansa is pulling out. ”

      They are pulling out because people are flying less and they are losing money. It has nothing to do with Oregon or Portland taxes.

      • Joe

        No need for childish name-calling and telling people to grow up. The “plan” is stupid and you know it.
        Why not just take 3.5 milliion and pay 3500 people to fly to Japan? That would make more sense.
        Keep defending these losers with their idiotic schemes that NEVER work.
        However, I will not call you names or tell you to grow up. That is beneath the spirit of the true blogger.

        • valley person

          Name calling?

          • Just PLAn

            Name calling seems inadequate. Liberalism is better termed a mental misorder, vp.

          • PLANE sick and tired of any nonsense subsidy

            Name calling seems inadequate. Liberalism is better termed a mental disorder, vp.

  • BC


    You need to report on another ODOT solar project idiocy. ODOT is planning another solar project for I-205. The details: $20 million for 3 Megawatts of nameplate generating capacity (source: Beaverton Valley Times, July 9). The financial mathematic result: 50 cents per Kwh cost versus the going market price for electriciy of 5 cents per Kwh. Even if the federal government is paying a third of the investment, the project still overspends on electricity by some $10 million over its entire 20 year typical life.

    Of course, the state agency is pumping the news about the 140 (very short-term) jobs the project would create. Here you’ve the state raising our gasoline taxes, and re-routing the money to non-transportation projects. Note: The solar power doesn’t light the roads as solar doesn’t generate power at night when the street lighting is actually needed.

    This is another example of sure California fiscal lunacy right here in the Tom McCall state – that didn’t want to become like California. Fiscally speaking, we are on the same path as California. (see Perry Wong’s article in the Oregonian today.)

    Solar math: $20 million dollar Investment translates to a yearly mortgage payment of $1.6 million, using a 5% municipal bond interest rate cost and 20 year project life. 3 Mw solar produces 3.2 million KWH per year, using a 12 percent capacity factor which is normal for the Willamette valley north of the 45th parrallel. The solar power must be integrated into the electricity network, and so should be compared to the alternative wholesale market cost of power.

    Each of these very short-term jobs will be subsidized by the tune of over $70,000. It’s fair to say reducing taxes and not doing the project would create more jobs, and jobs which last longer than a few months. Also, the solar cells are likely coming from China. So, China grows richer, taking advantage of Oregon lunatics, or those with no financial sense or who are looking to make rich developer/lobbiests richer. The latter folks probably take care of the democratic politicians leading these scams after they leave office.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Dictating the market = good
    Trying to run business = Good

    uh oh:

    Paying to fly empty seats around = Oregon being a leader on AGW is inane.

    On the upside, as long as this program is in effect, we now no longer have to listen to any greenhouse gas lowering aspects of any state program.

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