Lars Larson on Porkchops

Let’s talk about tying a pork chop around Oregon’s neck to get the dog to play with it.

I don’t think Oregon is all that ugly, but as a business climate we’ve become pretty ugly. That’s why we lost that flight to Frankfurt on Lufthansa. It is why the Port of Portland’s Bill Wyatt is concerned about losing the flights to Tokyo on Delta.

So what does Bill Wyatt suggest? Take $3.5 million of public money and spend it. Hand it over to Delta Airlines and say, “Please keep flying those empty airplanes back and forth and we’ll give you free money from the taxpayers”. I think it’s a lousy idea.

If you want to get more people on airplanes to make the airplanes profitable in and out of Oregon, make Oregon business friendly. You’ll have plenty of people flying on airplanes.

Giving away $3.5 million of taxpayer cash just to get an airplane to fly empty seats in and out of Portland is crazy. It’s the usual government nonsense we’ve become used to in this state.

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