Business owner, Rob Cornilles challenges David Wu

By Conilles for Congress,

PORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon business owner Robert Cornilles has filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to challenge David Wu in Oregon’s first Congressional District. “I am not a career politician,” said Cornilles. “I am a business owner, a family man, a mentor and a volunteer. I have strived in my life to selflessly serve others through my work, my faith and my family. As I look around me now and see what’s happening in our country, I feel a need to put aside my personal interests and serve fellow Oregonians in Congress.”

“Today, Oregon families are struggling with one of the weakest economies and the second highest unemployment rate in the United States. Oregonians desperately need a responsible voice in Washington, DC — someone that was born and raised here, lives and works here and recognizes the opportunities that are possible here when you have a fiscally responsible representative in Congress that truly relates with and fights for Oregon’s middle class families. I look forward to contributing to a much brighter future for Oregonians,” Cornilles added.

Oregon’s first Congressional district stretches from Portland to the Oregon Coast and encompasses all of Washington, Yamhill, Columbia and Clatsop counties, and part of Multnomah County.

Cornilles, a graduate of Brigham Young University, is a prominent trainer and advisor for the business community. Cornilles and his wife of 23 years, Allison, are often recognized for their roles as community leaders in various nonprofit activities centered on developing stronger youth citizens and leaders. Rob, Allison and their three sons actively volunteer in various community causes, including numerous schools, youth sports and community associations.




Robert Cornilles is a devoted family man, active community leader and successful business owner.

Born and raised in Oregon, Rob believes government today needs to provide an environment for strong families, outstanding schools, and vibrant businesses. While government has a vital role to play in society, it should help — not hinder — individuals and communities in achieving their full potential. This is only accomplished when elected officials are principled, pragmatic, and responsible to those they represent — not just today’s interests but the generations that follow.

As a prominent consultant in the sports industry, Rob has advised 25,000 executives and hundreds of sports organizations as the president and founder of Game Face, Inc. In addition, he has been the driving force behind placing 500 individuals into full-time jobs in industry.

While a pioneer in the sports community and recognized through various business awards, Rob is most proud of his active involvement with community groups, nonprofit boards, and his church. He and Allison, his wife of 23 years whom he met at Newberg High School, devote many hours to activities that help develop strong, responsible youth. The father of three teenage sons (Austin, Brennan and Chadd), Rob is a long-time volunteer for Boy Scouts of America and has managed and coached multiple youth athletic teams.

A graduate of Brigham Young University, Rob sits on the Stanford-based National Advisory Board of Positive Coaching Alliance.

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  • Dylan Amo

    I’ve had the opportunity to meet Rob already … he’d be a Congressman that could make Oregon’s (Republicans AND DEMOCRATS) in CD 1 proud again. FINALLY!!! But this seat had become increasing tough for Wu to be challenged in … I hope that he can get some momentum behind him.

    When even the Willamette Week endorses your primary opponent … you know you’ve got some explain to do.

  • Reper

    Expect lots of Wu jumping in front of free TV time for the next few months.

  • Props and kudos to Bob Cornilles

    Wu is so full of himself that even his conned stituents are beginning to see the blight. Too bad, so sad the Wu-who travesty hasn’t been truncated before now.

  • Rob DeHarpport

    Great! Good luck! Wish I was registered in CD #1 to vote, where do we send campaign money??

  • Bob Tiernan

    If this “prominent consultant in the sports industry” gets into Congress, will he be in
    favor of sports corporate welfare scams like Sam Adams and Randy Leonard?

    Anyway, Wu is a mediocre congress-critter according even to many Dem voters, but he
    has the edge anyway due to the demographics of the district. Goli Ameri was a very
    good candidate, but that didn’t help. Who knows what possible anti-Obama
    backlash may mean for the Repub challenger, but if he talks about banning
    abortion and bringing prayer to school, and hanging the Ten Commandments
    in every courthouse, he’s going to lose and would deserve to lose. I hope
    he’s not one of those idiots. The current economic mess we’re in should
    teach all of you that we need candidates who focus on sound economic
    policies. When you have Repub candidates who put prayer first, you either
    guarantee that the Dem will win, or you get a Repub who will love pork and
    big government as much as anyone else. Either way, the economy will stink.

    Bob Tiernan

    • Lance Dowdle


      I am suprised to read your comments as I attended a meeting with you and rob last night. You sounded much different yesterday compared to what you wrote on the 16th. How is the Republican party really going to support him or is this more lip service without much substance. You are and people like you are the reason I am register independant.

    • Bill Adams

      I agree we need to win this seat and David Wu is vulnerable. We need to choose our candidates carefully so that they represent the majority of voters and not just the narrow focus that have killed off the Republican candidates for the last 30 years. We have several candidates that want to run in the 1st District, we need to meet and know them all, and then decide which one can be elected to represent all Oregonians.

      I am pleased that so many have annouced their intentions to run, but who are they. Where have they been in the Republican Party, did they all of a sudden join the party. Are they even local committee volunteers, have they campaigned for others, etc.

  • Provo

    This guy needs a color photo. He looks out of the 1950’s. No kidding.

    • Shoo Wu

      Wisecracks attending the 50’s are about as funny as Al Franken. D’oh!

    • Just another blonde

      He looks like Stephen Colbert.

      I think he should go on his show.

  • anon

    Based on his bio I am guessing he is a mormon. That will sink him… just like Romney.

    • My America

      Better a “mormon” than a dishonest jackass. And I’m thinking that people have really had enough of that ridiculous “argument” against people of the LDS faith. Haven’t we risen above all of that yet? We’ve overcome so much as a country~ racial barriers etc…but we just can’t get over that someone running for office is mormon? I think people have much more sense than that. At least I would hope they do.

    • Richard

      It did not sink Gordon Smith.
      Still will hims Mormonism make him more liberal like Smith.

  • Dana

    Rob is neighbor of mine and definitely someone I can support. He has values that he stands by and I believe he can remain above the garbage that is part of politics in Washington. That is certainly more than can be said for David Wu.

  • Whoot

    Is this the same Bob Teirnan who warned Oregonians about PERS in the early 90’s and today is doing positive things to restore the GOP’s ‘rightful’ prominence in Oregon.

    If not, don’t tryst with this dude’s deal without cutting the card cards first. Better yet, request a new deck and make sure the pit boss is a conservative.


    If he thinks the constituition needs to be changed in ANY way and thinks the goverment is above the people,,or thinks he needs to start any type of program except one to PROTECT us only,and if he has NO Moral compass…he isnt woth voting for
    I also would rather have a person who believes in a God that may burn them in hell for the things they may do then have a BARNEY frank /Obama who thinks they are God and feel humans are the leaders of men…Hittler ….now theres a christian huh?…not… we need to fine tooth comb these people,,i dont care if they dont beleive as much as they have good moral character and have proven it…but i do think a believer is much more apt to control himself MORE so than a non beleive who feels there are no consiquences to there behaviour..hence,,,BARNEY FRANK…he deserves PRISON..

  • Tara Cotner

    We have been waiting for a leader to put one step forward and guide us in the right direction! Good luck Uncle!!

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