Lars Larson on the Country Shifting to the Right

Maybe this Obamanation stuff is actually turning the country more conservative. Could it be true?

A lot of us were worried, and deservedly so, last November when President Obama was elected. We wondered, “What in the world is he going to do with the country?” Well, now we’re seeing some of it””taking over private companies, taking over health care, dictating new economic policies for energy””that are likely to put the nation further in the ditch.

The thing is, the country may be getting more conservative. A new Gallup Poll out says Americans, by a 2-to-1 margin have become more conservative than liberal. Independents and Democrats, 39% to 18%, most often say their views haven’t changed. The three major groups have indicated that their views have shifted more to the Right than they have to the Left.

Maybe this “hope and change” stuff is going to actually be good for America. As Americans see what it’s really like to tilt to the Left, they decide to start leaning back to the Right.

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