Oregon Dems support sexual abusers, as long as they’re public employees

California Gov. Jerry Brown

California Gov. Jerry Brown

by NW Spotlight

Even California’s “Governor Moonbeam”, a Democrat, has more moral fiber than Oregon Democrats. California Gov. Jerry Brown recently vetoed a bill that would have given preferential treatment to sexual abusers who happened to be public employees.

Gov. Brown said the “bill raised questions of equal treatment of public and private employers.” Speaking on the issue of fairness for victims of sexual abuse, Gov. Brown said “The children assaulted by Jerry Sandusky at Penn State or the teachers at Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angeles are no less worthy because of the nature of the institution they attended.”

If only Democrats in Oregon had that kind of moral fiber.

But they don’t. As Oregon Catalyst reported back in June:

“A 2006 editorial in the Oregonian commented on how Oregon children who are sexually abused by public employees don’t have the same protection under the law as children who are sexually abused by anyone else – including by Boy Scout leaders or priests.

House Republicans attempted to right that injustice this legislative session with HB 3541. But in a vote this week that fell along party lines, Oregon House Democrats decided that they cared more about the money and support they get from public employee unions than they care about the victims of sexual abuse.

If Gov. Kitzhaber cared as much about the victims of sexual abuse as his counterpart Gov. Brown in California, he could have used the influence he’s demonstrated with PERS reform and education reform to convince fellow Democrats to provide the victims of sexual abuse by public employees the same protection that other sexual abuse victims receive. But he didn’t.

Gov. Brown mentioned the sexual abuse victims at a California elementary school. From the June 2013 Oregon Catalyst article, here’s a list of recent examples of teachers and other school employees who have been charged with sex abuse in Oregon:

Milwaukie High School math teacher (Klitgord) accused of student sex abuse (Apr 2009)

Klamath Falls high school teacher faces sex abuse charge (May 2009)

Silverton grade school teacher charged with sex abuse (Jun 2009)

Milwaukie High School math teacher (Osuna-Bonilla) admitted, then recanted sex abuse (Feb 2010)

Seaside teacher, coach arrested on sex abuse charges (Jan 2012)

Oregon band teacher accused of sex abuse (Jan 2012)

Salem high school teacher accused of sex abuse (Apr 2012)

Former Eagle Point teacher faces sex-abuse civil lawsuit (Dec 2012)

South Albany library aide accused of sex abuse (May 2012)

Keizer teaching assistant arrested on sex abuse charges (Oct 2012)

Beaverton middle school teacher convicted of child pornography (Jan 2013) [update]

Former Salem middle school teacher accused of sex abuse in 1980s (Jun 2013)

Former Sherwood High School teacher accused of sex abuse (Jun 2013)

Hillsboro substitute teacher charged with sexually abusing girl (Jun 2013) [update]

Bandon teacher charged with 25 counts of sexual assault of a student (Jul 2013) [update]

Reynolds middle school teacher arrested for sex abuse (Sep 2013) [update]

Madras PE teacher arrested on sexual abuse charges (Nov 2013) [update]

Aloha High School teacher guilty of sex abuse involving teen (Jan 2014) [update]

Liberty High School (Hillsboro) teacher accused of sex abuse (May 2014) [update]

Willamette High School (Eugene) athletic trainer found guilty of sexual abuse (Jun 2014) [update]

Forest Grove HS coach arrested for sexually abusing student (Sep 2014) [update]

Part-time North Salem HS teacher arrested for trying to lure student into sex (Nov 2014) [update]

West Salem High School coach sentenced to 3 years in prison for sexual abuse (Nov 2014) [update]

KGW: Record number of Ore. teachers lose licenses for sexual conduct (Feb 2015) [update]

Pendleton High School teacher pleads guilty to sexually assaulting student (Jul 2015) [update]

Tualatin High School teacher accused of sexually abusing student (Sep 2015) [update]

West Linn HS teacher arrested on charges of sexual abuse of at least two male students (Sep 2015) [update]

Oregon City instructional assistant (Gardiner Middle School) may have abused students (Apr 2016) [update]

South Medford HS teacher: felony child porn charges, misdemeanor sexual abuse charges (Jun 2016) [update]

FBI arrests Bandon School District coach on child pornography charges (Jun 2016) [update]

Astoria High School teacher allegedly sent explicit photos to teen (Jul 2016) [update]