Life was simpler under George W. Bush


by NW Spotlight

Remember when George W. Bush was president? Back then, it was a simpler time. When something went wrong, you knew who to blame.

War overseas? Bush’s fault, even if Congress voted overwhelmingly in support. War casualties? Bush’s fault, reported daily – even though 74% of U.S. casualties in Afghanistan have occurred while Barack Obama has been President. Natural disasters? Bush’s fault.

But now we have a president with a fragile, narcissistic ego who can’t be blamed for anything. And a fawning and enabling media that agree that the current president should never be held accountable for anything.

It makes accountability much more complex, and it makes the media’s job that much tougher. Back under George W. Bush, even in his last two years when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, everything was still Bush’s fault. Now with our current president, even with Republicans only in charge of one house of Congress, the president isn’t to blame for anything and Republicans are to blame for almost everything. Witness the recent federal debt limit stand-off.

If this had happened under President Bush, you’d have had Democratic senators saying that “raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure.” And the media would have agreed, in one voice, without ceasing.

But that was a simpler time.