Announcement coming from Senator Jason Atkinson

Sources close to Senator Jason Atkinson confirm a decision on his possible run for governor is close. Rumors of his run have been floating around Oregon’s political community for some time and now that the Legislative Session is over the Senator has reportedly begun to assemble a team. Atkinson was bolstered by recent polls that show he has strong support even though he has not formally announced or started any kind of campaign.

Senator Atkinson’s entry into the governor’s race raises some interesting questions:

1) What contrast will Atkinson bring to the other candidate(s) in the race rumored of otherwise?
2) How will the decision affect the Alley Campaign? Will he need to walk faster?
3) What advice do you have for either candidate?
4) Who will you be supporting in a primary and why?

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  • Anonymous

    My advise,
    1.listen to your constituents
    2.Don’t get caught up in the panic of the day
    3.Use your head
    4.Use common sense
    5.Be a leader

  • Anonymous

    I am not “close” to Jason, but I can confirm he is going to run for governor unless one thing – and only one thing – happens:

    If Greg Walden runs for governor, Jason will not. However, Jason would then run for Walden’s House seat.

    That is the one big thing left to be decided between the two of them, and neither one will make a formal announcement without the other knowing ahead of time so things can be set in motion.

    Either way, Jason is running for a higher office in 2010, and I wish him well. He is a good conservative who believes in limited government and lower taxes and regulations. He can articulate a conservative argument for social issues without becoming “the religious” candidate. And, he is a genuinely nice and likeable guy – something lacking in politics among all parties.

  • Richard

    It would be nice to have an alternative to None of the Above. Alley is damage good from his announcement at a failed electric car dealership to is Messianic 40 day 40 night walk in the wilderness.

  • Jerry

    I like Jason and hope he does run. However, all too often he comes across as a RINO, especially when talking healthcare. He needs to stand tall and stick true to his conservative values and stop pandering for votes. Far fewer people want healthcare “reform” than you would think.
    If you have to pander to win, then it is not a win.

    • Jack Roberts

      If people think Jason Atkinson is a RINO, then our party really is doomed.

      • JimRay

        You certainly didn’t help “our” party much when you signed Dr. No’s letter against Measure 8 Spending cap.
        Talk about dooming.
        You Sir are a RINO.

        • Anonymous

          Would you rather have had six years of Governor Roberts, or the six years we’ve had so far from Governor Kulongoski?

  • Anonymous

    Jerry – I have never heard Jason sound like a RINO on anything. As for health care, Jason was opposed to the increased provider tax, opposed to cigarette taxes to finance more public health care, opposed to the Healthy Kids plan and opposed to the expansion of the Oregon Health Plan – all pretty solid conservative standpoints if you ask me.

    • JimRay

      I’ll agree that JA has not sounded/acted like the “typical” RINO he has, however, very thin skin, is quit to temper, and doesn’t have the warmest-brightest personality.
      He’s made some disturbing votes over the years.
      Obviously better than Alley but I don’t think Atkinson’s tough enough to hold up in the clinches.

      Just my opinion but go ahead and dispute it.

      • David

        Atkinson “doesn’t have the warmest-brightest personality”??

        OK…so, maybe you should get to know him better.

        • anonymous

          Leopards do not change their spots!

          • Anonymous

            Lars-Bot still stuck on the “Jason wants amnesty for illegals” canard and still believes Jason was wrong to ignore Lars instead of accepting incessant abuse. You can ignore comments from losers like this – they are still bitter that Ron Saxton was such a let down.

            Jason is probably the most likeable person in the legislature. If anything, he is too nice and personable – if Jason has a flaw, it is that he may try to hard to get along when we need someone who can play dirty hardball the way the left has done. You don’t win by playing nice. You win by defeating your enemies. If Jason can learn this much about politics, he can go far and do great things. If doesn’t, he will be the nice guy who comes in second place.

    • Jerry

      I once heard him say he was for health care for everyone, or some such nonsense. He was not very strong in his communication. If he sounded like a RINO to me, someone who likes him and would vote for him, then there must be something to what I am saying.

      Stand tall and proud. Don’t pander.

      That is all I ask.

      • anonymous

        Not that you were implying it, but it’s ideologically neutral to say “I want health care for all”. You can be as far to the right as you want and still say that – it’s about the means to that end we disagree on.

    • Jerry

      Here is another example from his own newsletter. I have a clue for everyone. The state legislature DOES NOT NEED to deal with bullying in school. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. All the laws, rules, regulations, etc. are already in place to deal with this sort of thing. It is over-reaching of the worst kind, and he is proud of it. That is what I meant. Here is the excerpt from his own hand…

      Oregon Senate Cracks Down on Bullying in Schools

      Bullying in schools is not limited to physical acts, nor does it stop after elementary school; it effects children’s learning environment and mental well-being, and also has the potential to affect many for their entire life. Yesterday the Senate recognized the seriousness of bullying in the K-12 system in Oregon, and passed HB 2599, which cracks down on bullying in Oregon’s schools.

      • Anonymous


  • anonymous

    Atkinson is the perfect candidate for the GOP this cycle. He is conservative, yet maintains a level of respect from many Democrats. That’s what it takes to win in this state. Alley’s nice, but I’ve seen bowls of ice cream more exciting and dynamic than him.

    • Anonymous

      Vanilla ice cream even.

  • wnd

    Walden would be a superb governor, yet his presence in Congress is sorely needed.
    Alley and Atkinson would be better for Oregon than Straub, Goldschmidt, Roberts, Kitzhaber and Kulongoski.“`Alas, the Dems rule Oregon and a conservative’s best hope is that that DeFazio keeps Bradbury from happening. Period!

    • pkdyefsc


  • Where do I sign up?

    Atkinson can do it. With Democrats’ rising disapproval and inevitable fall in popularity over the next year, this can happen. Even as conservative as he is, he can also pull a lot of youth and independent support which is what we need for the health of the Republican Party.

  • anonymous

    I’m excited for the announcement and look forward to finally having a GOP candidate that stands on the platforms and doesn’t pander to the left. The best way to earn their respect is to stick to your principles. I support Jason and think Oregon will embrace him.

  • Great!

    Between Alley and Atkinson, there’s no question Atkinson is the more marketable one. I’m happy that for once the candidate I agree with the most is also the most likely to win! His campaign won’t lull you to sleep like some of Alley’s press releases.

  • devietro

    ATKINSON is the clear choice in this one. I really like him and would work my ass off for him.

  • David

    Atkinson is definitely the best. I’m not yet certain of his chances, but they are definitely better than last time. I think as things stand he can win the primary. But I am sick of people only supporting candidates they believe can win the general election. My opinion is: if everyone who said that supported the best candidate he wouldn’t have that problem.

  • wnd

    I’d rather see Atkinson depose Jeff Merkley…a Dem knee jerk who out polled Gordon Smith.

    At least conservatives could have counted on Smith to oppose most of the Obamation currently running amok.

    • Anonymous

      Merkley is not up for re-election until 2014. Atkinson could be elected Governor in 2010, serve one term, and then, if successful, be a solid opponent against Merkley in 2014.

      Likewise, if Walden becomes Governor and Atkinson is elected to the House, after two terms he would be ready for the Senate, In the long term, I believe the Senate will probably be his path – just a question of where to stop along the way.

  • wnd

    If JA is SOFT on illegal immigration, then he’s HARDLY a candidate meriting support.
    Yes, the Dems appear worse, yet the insanity that’s gone on for too long must be stopped.

    I double dog dare him to come back on Lars’ show and make himself perfect;y clear on this issue.

    Sign me as something who believes Iowa’s Congressional Rep, (R) Steve King, is right on for US.

    • Gullyborg

      JA is NOT soft on immigration. I have been carefully following not only Jason but Jason’s policy on THIS SPECIFIC ISSUE for several years now.

      When Lars went off on Jason over amnesty during the 2006 primary, I wasn’t just listening to the radio. I was ON HOLD TO BE THE NEXT CALLER ON THE AIR.

      Lars totally mischaracterized Jason. He set out to sabotage his campaign. There is no other rational explanation, unless you want to believe that Lars is just plain insane.

      Jason has always opposed amnesty. He has always opposed using state funds to provide any benefits for illegal aliens beyond the minimum mandated by federal law – and he also opposes the federal laws that mandate certain benefits. He has always opposed in-state tuition and driver licenses for illegal aliens. At the time of the incident, Jason was discussing “guest workers.”

      Now, here is the newsflash for some of you Lars fanatics – it is possible to have a guest worker program without amnesty. It is called the H1 visa, which allows an employer to sponsor a legal immigrant to work in the U.S. We have been doing this for years, and it is important to continue to do it. Jason supports an immigration policy that includes a guest worker program to bring law abiding workers into the U.S. So do I.

      Now, on incident day, the President had recently said during the state of the union address that we needed immigration reform that included a guest worker program and rejected amnesty. You can debate the honesty of George W. Bush elsewhere. But that’s what GWB said. So Lars asked Jason if he agreed with GWB that we needed a guest worker program, and Jason said yes. This set Lars off – there was screaming, literally, by Lars, and after a few minutes of filibustering abuse, Jason decided to leave the show.

      I would have, too.

      Now, you say you “double dog dare” Jason to go back on the show and explain himself. Well, I got news for you: HE DID. Several days later, Jason agreed to go back on the show. He explained, in great detail, his beliefs on immigration. He discussed the House and Senate bills both under consideration, and explained that he supported the House bill that rejected amnesty. He explained that the Senate bill which included amnesty was flawed and he didn’t support it. And he explained that, while he agreed with the rhetoric of GWB during the state of the union, he had concerns about what GWB actually wanted.

      So what did Lars do? Lars immediately went into a rant and told Jason if he supports guest workers in any way, he must support amnesty, and that he could never, ever, support him for any office because of that.

      Lars made no sense. As I said, he either wanted to torpedo Jason, or he is batshit crazy. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he had reasons to suddenly support Saxton – reasons other than immigration. I don’t know what they would be, but I’ll concede he must have had them. However, Lars’s actions on this whole debacle in no way reflect on the truth of the matter.

      And so, WND, I now challenge you. I double dog dare you to admit that Jason is NOT soft on illegal immigration and that, as such, he must be a candidate you can at least consider supporting.

      Have I made myself perfectly clear on this issue?

      • wnd

        Gullyborg, methinks it best Lars takes to answering your query directly.

        Ways and meanwhile, I admit to being in the camp with US Rep Steve King, R-IA and his solution for the illegal immigration insurgency that’s killing US (not so) softly with LaRaza, MUCha, Latino Kings and nutso wise Latinas.

        • Gullyborg

          My query is to you, WND. Now that you have the actual facts, can you admit that Jason Atkinson’s position on immigration is inline with the conservative base?

      • wnd

        Gullyborg, methinks it best Lars takes to answering your query directly.

        Ways and meanswhile, I admit to being in camp with US Rep Steve King, R-IA and his solution for the illegal immigration insurgency that’s killing US (not so) softly with LaRaza, MUChA, Latino Kings and nutso wise Latinas.

  • jean

    I do pray that Atkinson will run for Govenor of Oregon and I will activelly campaign for him. I am tired of what the Democrats have done this year. It sickens me to see what has happened to our country and to our lovely state. I have never seen such a corrupt government at every level in my 63 years. My goodness what a mess Oregon is in and just look at the MESS our country is in. Jean Sweat

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