Gov. Schwarzenegger knife video. Controversy?

It has made the headlines, a Twitter video with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger holding a knife for two seconds before he talks about his budget cuts. Some people say it is bad taste while others say get a life. Your opinion?

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  • John

    More macho grand-standing from a crappy actor and a terrible governor. Get over yourself Arnold.

  • Maximillion

    How shall we say, mucho ado about nada!
    What a sad sack.
    He should have stuck to the big screen, el screen gigundo!
    He is a bad governor.
    Very bad.

  • Hey

    You guys probably dont live in california. Hes a good governor, and an awesome actor.

    • Califoregonian

      I lived in California during his first term.

      He’s a good politician, but a bad governor.
      He’s a good entertainer, but a bad actor.

      This knife thing is truly bizarre, but I don’t care about that so much as I cared about the budget deficits (more than Gray Davis), the ruining of California’s credit rating, and the immense and retroactive increases on community college fees.

  • Don

    So he’s doing the right thing and not raising taxes, unlike in Oregon, what’s the problem with him using a knife to demonstrate cutting the fat?

  • Anonymous

    If it bleeds, we can kill it.

  • Bad Man

    Amazing that some of the fruit loops who don’t live in California have no clue how badly the DEMOTARD Legislature has ruined the state. Arnold is one of the few people that made these idiots put up a budget that will make major cuts in expenses.

    Of course, he’s not a girlyman holding up a sign at an abortion clinic; like his critics.

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  • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      Enclosing asterisks marks text as bold *word*.

      See? If I can figure that out, why can’t Arnold figure out that he should have made those cuts at the beginning rather than allowing the State to be destroyed before he wanted to act tough?

      Kulongoski gotsta go and he can take Arnold with him!

  • Rufor

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  • Barbara Boxer is unacceptable

    Hi, notwithstanding Ahnolds pitch, I’d like to throw a pitch and the bich in the preceding OC entry.

    Barbara Boxer is insane.

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