Lars Larson on Obamacare

Have you stopped to think about what the pending Obamacare might do to small business and employment?

The Congressional Budget Office has a few thoughts about Obamacare. The problem is that they are saying shared responsibility payments will bring in $36 billion over ten years. That’s assuming they will also bring in $750 per worker, an annual fee.

Investor’s Business Daily has pointed out a problem with that estimate. If you are a small business below 25 employees, you don’t have to comply with this nonsense. But, if you go beyond 25 employees you’re taking part and you are paying the fees.

That is going to be a real problem if a small business decides to expand and provide more jobs in this poor economy. They’re going to have to think about whether or not they want to fall under Obamacare and whether or not those costs are going to make them unprofitable.

Can’t you just wait for the arrival of Obmamcare? Ya, me too.

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