If You Like It, Maybe You Can Keep It

CascadeNewLogoBy William Newell

“If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.” These words have come back to haunt President Obama. Contrary to his statement, many Americans enrolled in individual health plans have lost or will lose their current plans due to regulations imposed by the Affordable Care Act. White House spokesperson Jay Carney admitted “it’s true” there are plans that won’t be eligible under the health care law.

According to Forbes, more people have been notified of their plan’s cancellation in three states than have signed up for an online health care exchange account in all 50 states. Many people have seen rates increase, yet are not eligible for the ACA’s insurance rate subsidies. NBC News relayed the saddest part of it all: The Obama Administration likely knew for three years that this would happen and that possibly 80 percent of people in the individual health insurance market could lose their current plans.

This situation highlights the fact that leaders must present the policies they promote in a way that is genuinely reflective of their content. When politicians make outlandish promises and fail to meet them, it undermines public trust and the government’s effectiveness. It just goes to show, when a politician says something that seems too good to be true, it probably is.

William Newell is a research associate at Cascade Policy Institute, Oregon’s free market public policy research organization. He is a graduate of Willamette University.

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  • JacklordGOD

    “When politicians make outlandish promises and fail to meet them, it undermines public trust and the government’s effectiveness. ”

    Oh good lord come on – politicians only get called on failing to meet promises if the press calls them on it.

    I mean does anyone at Catalyst use Facebook? Because I can tell you, all the memes there, and the brain dead who get their news from memes, are all convinced Obama has cut the deficit in half.

    Remember him saying Afghanistan was the war we must win? Well, 75% of the casualties have been on his watch, and we are losing worse than ever. Do low information voters have any knowledge of this? Nope.

    GITMO? Ok, the low information voter is aware BO hasnt closed this, but they don’t really give a rip because the press isn’t really holding Obama to that one either.

    So when it comes to “like Dr. Keep Dr. like plane keep plan” if you think the press is going to hold Obama to this one you are literally out of your mind.

    What the press is doing now is going into a holding pattern as the BO administration hones its line of “we didn’t cancel your plan your insurance company did”

    Here is what will happen – the press will feign investigation into the massive claims of insurance companies cancelling plans. This will be done both to establish doubt that this is really happening, as well as to pretend investigation of the regime.

    The next step will be interviews with insurance companies execs and the line will be established – these plans were cancelled because they were substandard, nobody would have really wanted these plans if they hadn’t been sold a bill of goods and now integrity in the insurance market has been established.

    They will probably dig up some single mom who at first appears angry and mad that she lost he basic plan that covered nothing but emergencies, but at least was something.

    They will then go through the options to her and zowie! All of a sudden she will realize that because she has five kids and no husband she qualifies for so many subsidies she will not only get better insurance for free, but she will be making money to boot!

    This is Obamas signature legislation. There is no way in hell the press is going to let the current anger over it go on much longer. If you think there is not going to be a gigantic push to put some lipstick on this pig, you are smoking something!I mean come on, this administration was selling guns to drug lords, you think the press is all of a sudden going to start doing their jobs?

    • Bill Newell

      While I agree that the electorate relies heavily on the mainstream media for its information, I do think millions of people who are low information voters will be negatively affected by the legislation without recourse.

      There are millions of people who already distrust the state due to things that you listed and more are getting convinced everyday through alternative news sources.

      While I think that there is a lot of misinformation about our current president’s policies and mistakes, I do think the electorate sees that. His approval ratings are down, I think to the lowest they have been in his presidency. Many people are informed there are just a lot of people who aren’t as well.

      I think the shift is slow but steady in the direction that this president’s policies haven’t been great for our nation or really many of the individuals that voted for him.

      • JacklordGOD

        You know, you might very well be right. This is an issue that hits some people very personally. However I think most people get their health insurance through work and largely don’t understand what all the hub bub is about.

        I would also agree that most low information voters have turned from the Obama as messiah creation he was upon election.

        I have spoken with many of them and the one theme I get consistently is “Well, yeah, the economy could be better, the spying thing is disturbing but he is by far the best choice, any of the Republicans would be far worse”

        Generally I am stunned by this response. With the economyI think had Romney been elected he would have been no savior of economic theory, but business would be so much less in fear of an antagonistic administration that growtrh would soar.

        Even taking the economy out of it. It is hard to see how things like domestic spying and GITMO would be tolerated. No way would a Republican president get away with a kill list, the phone spying etc. That’s not to say that a Republican is by definition a better person, just that the press keeps a check on Republican presidential abuse to a far greater extent than they seem to do with Obama.

        From my perspective, I find it astonishing the low information voter doesn’t understand this and isn’t a little worried that there seems to be no check whatsoever on Obamas power grabs.

      • DavidAppell

        Millions of people will be getting affordable insurance for the first time in a long time. That’s very good for the nation.

    • DavidAppell

      Obama HAS cut the deficit in half; here is the data:

      Wrong again, Rupert Huse of Springfield, OR.

      • JacklordGOD

        Yep, the graph shows very clearly

        The deficit in 2008? Right around $500B

        The deficit in 2009 ( Obamas first year) Right around $1.6T

        The deficit now? Somewhere around $700B

        Good God, when you cant even read your own graph on a link you posted, you truly are a complete idiot.

        • JacklordGOD

          By the way, this is yet another reason in my opinion it is highly unlikely you have any sort of science degree. Inability to read a simple graph just makes it highly improbably you have much of any scientific training, in my opinion at least.

          • DavidAppell

            In my opinion it is highly unlikely you have an honorable job.

            The graph, which apparently you don’t know enough to read, shows federal govt receipts – expenses. That = the deficit. And it has halved under Obama.

            A liar and a dummy — not a good day for Rupert Huse of Rupert Huse and Son of Springfield, OR.

          • DavidAppell
          • DavidAppell

            By the way, this is yet another reason in my opinion it is highly unlikely you have any sort of science degree.

            I have three of them. And at least i don’t sell porn equipment with daddy (huse.com)

          • .

            Appell ‘peers’ to be reading off an empty disc, again.

        • DavidAppell

          How stupid are you, Rupert Huse of Springfield, Oregon? The deficit bottomed out at $1600B in late 2009. It is now half of that.

          You’re a complete idiot. You should have studied harder in college, or maybe majored in physics so you’d know how to read a simple graph.


  • Shirely

    I enrolled in Obamacare without any trouble and got almost all of my premiums paid for by the government. I am very happy, for one.
    Please know that without the help of Obama I could not get good coverage for free (well, almost free),

    • oregongrown


      Who is going to pay for your “free” health insurance?

      • DavidAppell

        The same people who are already paying for everyone else’s insurance:

        “Government for decades has directly subsidized individuals’ costs of employer-based health care, to the tune of roughly $250 billion every year – sums far greater than the annual costs of the subsidized insurance coverage provisions of the Affordable Care Act.”
        — “The huge health-care subsidy everyone is ignoring,” Edward Kleinbard, Washington Post, October 15, 2013

    • common tater

      Shirley, she jests and has dimples on her butt of course.

  • oregongrown

    What no one will talk about is what we should be talking about. What are we willing to give up so we can insure millions more for “free” like Shirely below? Anyone?

    Obama, and certainly the Oregon Democratic party is like the parent that spend way above their means and never tell their kids they can’t have an increase in allowance because Mommy and Daddy just can’t afford it. The kids only start to realize it when bill collectors start calling and when they repossess the cars.

    Oregon is already living way above its means. Oregon is already and entrenched welfare state, with the biggest welfare, food stamps and Medicaid roles in the country. It only got knocked to number two in food stamps by Mississippi, and that was after years at the number one spot. And now is an entrenched number two out of fifty states.

    This is Oregon’s future; growing government and growing welfare recipients. And like I asked Shirely, who is going to pay for all of it?

    • DavidAppell

      Who is paying for the $250 B/yr that subsidizes employer-based health care? Or, for that matter, the $130 B/yr that subsidizes mortgages (including second mortgages).

    • DavidAppell

      Your Medicaid claim is complete bull (not surprisingly). The data is here:

      17% of Oregonians get Medicaid — there are many states that are higher. Oregon ranks 37th, below the national average of 21%.

      • .

        You’re out of order but not out of offensive odor Appell.