Intentionally Deceptive Job Creation Numbers

The Associated Press just dropped a bombshell that hasn’t yet hit the Oregon media. Released early this morning, an AP analysis finds that rather than creating 3,236 new jobs in the first three months of the state’s touted $176 million “stimulus package,” the program so far has created the equivalent of 215 full-time jobs that will last three months.” “If Oregon’s dollars-to-jobs ratio remains steady, the program will create about 688 full-time, yearlong jobs.”

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SPIN METER: ‘Help Wanted’ counting stimulus jobs

Compare this anemic attempt to create jobs through government to the real job losses that the two legislatively enacted income tax increase bills will (if not referred to the voters and rejected) cost the state:
The personal income tax increase will cost 36,000 jobs
The corporate income tax increase will cost 43,000 jobs

Steve Buckstein is founder and senior policy analyst at Cascade Policy Institute, Oregon’s free market public policy research center.