Lars Larson on Drilling for Oil

It’s time to start drilling for oil again before the price spikes come back.

I got the chance to talk with a member of the Energy Alliance for America. The gentleman makes a convincing case that America’s making a big mistake. We’re in an economic downturn right now, yet gasoline prices haven’t sunk that far. In fact, most of us are paying just short of $3/gallon.

When the economy recovers we’re going to end up with a gigantic price spike. Is that something we have to do? No, absolutely not.

The Obama Administration could be issuing new gasoline leases to go out and drill for oil. Gas companies could be out there getting all those resources available and ready. When the economy does recover we’ll have the chance not to be paying $4 or $5 a gallon.

We could be actually paying something that will let the economy fully recover. But, could it be the agenda of the Obama Administration is that they don’t want us to have cheap gas? Ya, I thought so too.

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